Snow Weekend Baking

DC Snow Day - Adams Morgan 3

Adams Morgan this Saturday.

Yes, in case you’re wondering – that’s what I’ve been doing all weekend.

Snow Day Weekend Baking 2

Not exactly crescent-shaped, but still tasty.

I told you I was going to make croissants. Okay, so I still need some tips on shaping them, but they taste great – very flaky and buttery.

Snow Day Weekend Baking

Banana muffins. They look homely but these are delicious.

I was going crazy with cabin fever Saturday night. And the smell of these really old bananas was driving me crazy – they were way past their eating prime. So rather than toss them, why not make banana muffins? I used my banana bread recipe and baked them in a muffin pan, and they came out very well.

Snow Day Weekend Baking 3

Glaze is such a classy way to top a cupcake.

I’m bringing these to the office Christmas party (postponed a day because of Monday’s snow day). They’re chocolate cupcakes filled with a white chocolate ginger mousse, and topped with a dark chocolate glaze. I tried a new cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart’s Cupcake book for these (the jumbo marshmellow filled ones), but I wasn’t a huge fan – the cake tastes too sweet, and isn’t chocolately enough. Next time I’m sticking with the One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, which is a far superior recipe.



  1. I’m impressed you did not get any of the glaze onto the muffin holder. I also think it’d be really good to dip the croissant into the chocoalate glaze!

  2. Rebecca said

    I love croissants but have always been afraid to try. I once made rugelach and it took all day but the results were fantastic. I imagine croissants are as labor intensive. Please share your method and recipe.

  3. […] various laminated doughs: puff pastry, strudel, and croissants (my last attempt, while tasty, wasn’t quite […]

  4. […] already wrote up what to bake during the first Snowpocalypse back in December, so here’s the update: what to bake during Snowpocalypse […]

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