What Are Your 2010 Culinary Resolutions?

I want to make this cake so badly - in fact, it's a New Year's Resolution.

I’ve been waiting for months to write this post. I realized pretty early on last year that 2009 wasn’t for me, and I’ve been hanging my hopes on 2010 ever since then. I even wrote down a long list of reasons about why 2009 is now tied with 1995 (7th grade) and 2005 (the year after I graduated college) as one of my worst years. But then I scrapped it. After all, I’m not here to tell you why 2009 was hard. I’m here to tell you that 2010 has arrived, and it’s going to be awesome.

I’m already compiling a list of new years resolutions, which include the usual things, like going to the gym regularly, laying off “white” food (bread, potatoes, white rice), and upping my consumption of vegetables. And in case anyone was tracking my list of 2009 domestic resolutions, I still don’t have a headboard, nor have I established a personal filing system. So I guess they’re on the list too.

But rather than share my long list of dull personal resolutions, I’ll just stick to the pasty-related ones. Because, seriously, that’s one of the main reasons why 2010 is going to be awesome – I really want to up my pastry game. Here, in no particular order, are the kitchen projects I want to tackle this year:

  • Homemade marshmallows.
  • Try my hand at candy making.
  • Macarons (not to be confused with Macaroons).
  • Actually make a classic french buttercream frosting (yes, the one with the sugar syrup) that doesn’t dissolve into a puddle.
  • Try various laminated doughs: puff pastry, strudel, and croissants (my last attempt, while tasty, wasn’t quite perfect).
  • Génoise.
  • Take a cake decorating class – so I can finally figure out how to make the sides of my frosted cakes perfectly smooth.
  • Get used to making bread and cakes using a kitchen scale (one of my Christmas presents to myself).
  • Make the cake on the cover of “Rose’s Heavenly Cakes” (another Christmas present).
  • Either take a class or regularly practice piping, since my piping skills are woefully underdeveloped.
  • Buy cake strips (little strips of silicone to put around your cake pans that keep the heat from penetrating the side of the pan too quickly, resulting in flatter, more uniform cake layers).
  • Practice decorating cakes/cupcakes with fondant.
  • Finally buy gel paste (a much more color-intensive way of tinting frosting than food coloring).
  • Finally go to Baked and Wired. (Still have not been!)

And, in blog related projects, I’d like to switch this baby to a custom template. Not that I don’t love this layout – I think it’s just time for a change. I’ve also been working on a new logo with a friend from choir, and I’d like to actually get it on the site, as she’s done some really lovely work.

As for you? Anyone have some crazy thing that you want to cook this year? Anyone planning on making some head cheese? Sausage? Tripe?



  1. jojovickiv said

    I don’t have any culinary resolutions, but I’ll take the cake decorating class with you!! Happy new year!

    • moderndomestic said

      Let’s find one! Man I want to learn how to do it.

  2. statedinner said

    While not crazy I have made my own resolution to simply get outside my comfort zone (aka traditional French and Italian cooking techniques). I want to try new spices…especially of the Asian and Indian variety and learn how to bake bread (will be interested in your input on this front).

    I also would love to learn how to properly using my cake decorating kit. When I finally decided to pipe blue frosting on to my cupcakes last summer they turned out looking pretty amateur and I ended up looking like a smurf exploded all over me. I should probably figure out how to do this in a cleaner fashion if I’m ever going to compete with my Mom’s fabulous cake decorating skills.

    If you want to see more about my 2010 foodie resolutions you can check out statedinner.wordpress.com

    • moderndomestic said

      I think that’s an excellent resolution – I, too, stick with French and Italian far too often, and really haven’t tried a lot of Asian or Indian cuisine.

      Man, piping is really hard. I get all inspired when I see the cupcakes on Cupcakes Take the Cake but when I try to do it myself it’s just a mess.

    • kaydee said

      I’m trying to do something similar with getting out of my comfort zone… but within the restaurants/ethnic foods I already eat I want to try new types of food (venture away from the ubiquitous pad thai and try new things!)

  3. Ashley said

    while I have yet to go to the baked & wired store, my roommates both work right around the corner, and have brought me cupcakes and recently bought my birthday cake there. It is glorious. Get thee to it immediately. Happy new year!

    • moderndomestic said

      Okay, that sounds like reason enough to go to me!

  4. I’d be happy to help with the dishes if I can try a piece of that gorgeous cake on the cover of the book 🙂

    I’ve made no food (or other) resolutions.

    • moderndomestic said

      Um, yes. I’m actually thinking of planning a part for the sole purpose of making that cake.

      • kaydee said

        I threw a party for the first time I made a chocolate souffle! It was fun 🙂

  5. My resolution is to make at least one cake that is not made from a boxed cake mix. You inspire me.

    • moderndomestic said

      I’m so touched! You can do it – it’s really not hard. Especially now that you have that Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  6. This year is going to be awesome. That cake looks so good. It will be my New Year’s resolution to eat just one slice. Yum, yum, yum!

  7. Well I’ll probably be trying baby food at some point but I am not putting that in a culinary category. I would like to do some more baking in general. Especially homemade breads. Also I have a family recipe for cinnamon bread called tea rings. I’ve made them before but the current kitchen has yet to bear witness.

  8. kaydee said

    homemade marshmallows is on my list too! I’ve been dreaming about making my own marshmallows for a while now!

    The only other food related resolution (besides eating more veggies and less sugar, as with every year) is to learn more about beer and wine… possibly taking a class… or at least just trying more kinds of wine!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to get my monthly potluck dinners going again once I move back to NY… but we’ll see!

  9. […] dipping sauces. If you both love chocolate, then maybe you should make that chocolate cake from the cover of Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. Or if you’re both wine lovers, maybe the way you want to end your romantic meal is with a […]

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