Definition of Terms

Modern: Of, relating to, or characteristic of the present or the immediate past: contemporary (Source: Merriam Webster)

Domestic: Of or relating to the household or the family; devoted to home duties and pleasures (Source: Merriam Webster)

ModernDomestic: A contemporary individual who revels in the art and craft of creating and maintaining a home. Duties the ModernDomestic may particularly enjoy include but are not limited to: cooking elaborate meals; frequently creating baked goods, often with the use of a Kitchen Aid Mixer of other appliance; cleaning (although sometimes sporadically); organizing; decorating; completing both successful and unsuccessful craft projects; sewing curtains of sometimes dubious quality; and any other project, activity, or scheme that is intended to enhance the pleasure one takes in the home and home life.

While the ModernDomestic may do some of these activities professionally, there is a large body of ModernDomestics currently living in North America who are actively engaged in these domestic pursuits in their spare time, sometimes with such enthusiasm that they engage in excessive behavior (examples of excessive behavior include: cooking multiple batches of cookies in one week that then must be foisted off on coworkers who were previously watching their weight, purchasing multiple sets of frames that one intends to paint and hang that end up gathering dust in a corner for months on end, and/or cooking elaborate feasts that have such a long preparation time they are consumed at 11:00 pm, far past the diners’ usual diner time).

This sometimes shy set of individuals is an innovative and self-reliant population, and have been known to create complex meals from refrigerators that seemingly held nothing edible, furnished homes with furniture found in trashbins, and created wall treatments, pillows, and more with simple sheets that had been confined to the department store sale bin. A growing and thriving subculture, the North American ModernDomestic is worthy of further study by those interested in the keeping of homes, the baking of cakes and cookies, or the cooking and eating of large feasts.


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