Also For Your Snow Day: Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate - perfect for a snow day too!

I realized after writing up my ideas on what to bake on a snow day, that I forgot the most obvious snow day sweet – hot chocolate! From what I can gather from Twitter, many of you have already been out and about this morning, and I’m sure you’re freezing (I, on the other hand, stayed up until 3:00 am last night watching Hulu and woke up . . . well, let’s just say I haven’t been outside today yet). So here’s some delicious hot chocolate recipes to warm your soul, and fingers.

  • Have you read David Lebovitz’s book “The Sweet Life In Paris?” Well, one of my favorite chapters was the one on the hot chocolate in Paris and Lebovitz’s search for the “perfect” cup. I haven’t tried his recipe for rich, intensely chocolatey chocolat chaud, but I want to.
  • White hot chocolate – I actually like white chocolate (I know, I know, it’s not real chocolate. I don’t care), so this white hot chocolate recipe from Martha Stewart looks tempting. Although I might spice it up with some fresh ginger, to cut down on the sweetness. Or rum.
  • It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of mint and chocolate desserts, and this peppermint hot chocolate from Michael Chiarello looks lovely. It uses peppermint schnapps, so it’s for grownups, but I don’t have a problem with that.
  • This Mexican hot chocolate recipe from David Guas also looks good. I bet putting an actual vanilla bean in the hot chocolate is delicious.
  • And, finally, a recipe for spiked hot chocolate from Emeril, that adds bourbon or brandy to the regular hot chocolate mix. Um, this may be the one I need to make tonight – especially if I can corral some friends into coming over. I wonder if the liquor store near me is open in the snowstorm.

Happy snow day! Any recipes for hot chocolate you want to share?

Hot chocolate 2

Mmmmm . . .



  1. Laura and I were just discussing our craving for hot chocolate. The first photo gets my pick for your best food pic ever!

    • moderndomestic said

      Heh – thank you! So . . . we’re so not going to Chriss’ party tonight. Metro is suspending above ground service.

  2. wow, that’s a huge cup of goodness! Looks great.

  3. That looks amazing and goes especially well with a novel that does not require too much brain power on a snowy day 🙂

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