Weekly Roundup: Giant Chocolate Rabbit Edition


Because every Friday needs a giant chocolate rabbit.

Good morning! This giant chocolate rabbit was at the house where Wonk The Plank and I had a fantastic Easter dinner. Usually you only see giant chocolate rabbits in candy stores, so imagine my surprise when we were greeted by this fellow. Many thanks to the lovely Tabatha, for putting the giant-ness of the rabbit in perspective.

After eating so many cupcakes this week, I’m taking a break from baking for the next few days. This is difficult, since I’ve already seen several recipes this week that I really want to try.

Tempting recipes from the blog-o-sphere:

  • The first is from Lemmonex, who is fed up with the internets and making sugar and spice shortcake with peaches and berries to channel her frustration. Nice to know others engage in the art of stress baking.
  • I am intrigued with the Pastel De Tres Leches, over at Not Quite Nigella. It’s a Latin American cake, soaked in milk and topped with a whipped cream frosting and pomegranate seeds. Lovely.
  • I don’t want to make this, one I just want to look at it: cake porn from Rose Levy Beranbaum.

And in non recipe-related news:

  • Reading story after story about “teabagging” has put me off tea for the next month.
  • Apartment Therapy DC reviews Apartment Zero, a home furnishings and all-around cool stuff store in Penn Quarter.
  • In a bizarre piece of fashion-related news (kind of), George Will unleashes a tide of hatred on blue jeans. Woah. Is someone still bitter that his jeans weren’t “cool enough” in high school or something? We Love DC thinks this is a stupid waste of ink. So do I.
  • Doing some spring cleaning and redecorating? Check out this affordable art from DesignSponge.

Happy Friday!


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