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Highlights from The Food Blogger Happy Hour


Moi, The Arugula Files, and Gradually Greener. (Photo by Amelia)

Folks, I had so much fun at the DC Food Blogger Happy Hour. And no, I am not just saying that. Usually I have a hard time getting over my shyness at networking happy hour things where I don’t know anyone, but everyone there was so easy to talk to, so welcoming, and so into food, that I calmed my nerves (the wine helped). There are whisperings that this should become a regular monthly event, and I couldn’t agree more. Here’s to getting out from behind the laptop screen and into the bar!

Top highlight: Meeting Amelia (Gradually Greener) and Mary (The Arugula Files) in person. They were lovely, fun, and very sweet. Hands down, top moment of the night.

Other highlights:

  • Getting to wax poetic about the Seattle craft beer scene with Orr, one of the Young and Hungry lager heads.

I know I met more people – if I forgot to name you, please forgive me for my space cadet tendencies and general awfulness with names. It was so much fun.

Also, I realized that I really need to get business cards with my name and email address on them. Next month!


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Reminder – Food Blogger Happy Hour Tonight, 6:00 pm, at Poste


Reminder DC foodies – there’s a food blogger Happy Hour tonight at 6:00 at Poste Brasserie. Many food bloggers will be there that I’m psyched to meet – and Capital Spice has a roundup. If you want to stop by, please leave a comment over at the Arugula Files, so she can get a headcount.

Food Blogger Happy Hour
Wednesday, September 2, 2009
6:00 pm
Poste Moderne Brasserie
555 8th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20004

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Weekly Roundup: After the Storm Edition


It's Friday. Have some cake. Or an entire roast pig.

The thunder and lightning were beautiful last night but I’m hoping for a drier weekend. Incidentally, next week is my last week of being 26. Anything I should cross of my list before the big 27?

Recipes I want to try from this week’s internet perusals:

  • The Arugula Files is topping pizza with peaches. Pizza . . . peaches . . . I never would have thought of it but it sounds like something I need to try.
  • Gradually Greener is making a salad with Mexican sour gherkins. A box of of these showed up at work last week and I had no idea what I would do with them, but mixing them with cherry tomatoes and dressing them with olive oil and vinegar is an excellent idea.
  • Peri peri nitty chicken, from the Washington Post. I am desperate for a new chicken recipe, and this may fit the bill.

And in other Internet news:

  • A new cupcake shop has opened up on Wisconsin – Something Sweet, at 3708 Macomb st NW. You can see some of their offerings here. Anyone up for a cupcake run this weekend?
  • Lemmonex is in love with Texas, the state where bread is a vegetable.
  • DC Foodies gives us a tidbit of DC cocktail history, and a preview of Rickey Month.
  • Poste will roast you a full pig. An entire pig. All you need is six to twelve people and seven days notice. Via Metrocurean.

Happy Friday!

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