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On Vacation

Oberlin - Graduate pre-set up

Oberlin graduation pre-set up.

I had a great time last weekend in Oberlin, but due to the long weekend and a crazy schedule, ModernDomestic will be on a break until next week. So please, make recipes from the archives, email me your questions, and never fear, I’ll be back soon.

Here’s some photos from the weekend in Oberlin to tide you over.

Oberlin - Monument

A monument on the Oberlin campus.

Oberlin - Museum 3

Inside Oberlin's art museum.

Oberlin - Swing

A swing on the Oberlin campus.

Oberlin - The graduate

The graduate.


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Wine-Themed Wedding Cake

A couple of weeks ago, Wonktheplank and I attended the lovely wedding of his cousin-in-law. I was excited to go to the wedding, but not only because it was a chance to see friends and because I had heard that it was going to be quite the shin-dig. No, I was excited about the wedding cake.


(I only wish I had gotten a photo before they took the little bride and groom figure off!)

Wedding cakes are one of those fantasy items that I just love to drool over, but since I haven’t been to many weddings, I haven’t often had the opportunity. As you can see, this cake was just lovely—the yellow cake layers were covered in simple white frosting and decorated with grape leaves (the wedding had a wine theme, hence the grape leaves). The only thing I would have changed was the cherry-flavored filling, as I am not a fan of cherry fillings in general. However, that is entirely a matter of personal taste and doesn’t reflect on the cake one bit.

I have to say, after spending so much time and effort making my last two cakes, it was nice to sit down to a piece of cake that I didn’t have a deep emotional/financial investment in. Of course, it was far prettier and polished than anything I could make on my own, but sometimes it’s nice to be around a cake that’s so far out of your league. If anything, it serves as an inspiration to aspiring cake-bakers like myself.

More photos of the illustrious Wine-Themed Wedding Cake.

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