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Back, With Cake This Time

busy day cake

Cake to soothe the soul.

Hello Modern Domestic readers. I’m happy to say that I’m back to blogging, after my three week hiatus.

Just to keep you readers in the loop, Wonk the Plank and I have gone our separate ways, so I’ve spent the last three weeks apartment hunting and moving, leaving me little time for blogging and even less time for my domestic pursuits.

But I’m happy to say that I’m happily now ensconced in a studio in Adams Morgan, and while the kitchen is minuscule, I believe it is capable of great things.

I did manage to find some time last week to make a recipe that I had been hankering to make for weeks now: Orangette’s Busy Day Cake. The cake is a simple soul, which my favorite desserts usually are. Made with half whole wheat and half all-purpose flour, and generously flavored with nutmeg and vanilla, the cake has a sweet, slightly earthy flavor that marries well with a cup of tea or coffee.

busy day cake 2

Sometimes it's the simple cakes that are my favorites. This is one of those cakes.

You can serve it the next time you have people over for brunch, or if you have people over for tea (although does anyone actually do that these days? I haven’t had tea parties since I was in elementary school). Or you can bake it up, slice it into wedges, put it in the freezer, and enjoy the occasional slice with your morning coffee whenever you feel like it.

You can get the recipe for Busy Day cake on Orangette’s site, here.

Note: Orangette uses white whole wheat flour in the recipe, which I didn’t have, so I substituted regular whole wheat flour instead. It came out very nicely, and has inspired me to try more recipes that use whole wheat flour.


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