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Winter Farmer’s Market Pizza

Farmer's Market Pizza

Made with local cheese from the Dupont Circle Farmers Market

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March can be difficult time at the Farmers market if you’re a baker – you’re already sick of the apples and pears of winter, but it’s too soon for rhubarb season. After this particularly snowy winter, most of us are thinking wistfully of the peaches, cherries and berries that flooded the markets this summer.

But bakers, take note, there’s more at the Farmer’s market than just fresh produce – you can also use the excellent local cheeses in a number of sweet and savory baked goods. If you’re not too tired of apples just yet, you can use a local cheddar cheese in a cheddar pie crust, which is always a great option to spice up apple pie. You can use a local blue cheese in scones, biscuits, or a quickbread. Or, if you’re feeling like dinner, use a local cheese on your pizza, which is what I did this Sunday.

This pizza recipe uses a feta cheese with tomato and basil from Keswick Creamery, a Pennsylvania farm that sells at the Dupont Farmer’s Market. All their cheese is made from raw Jersey milk, and their cows are exclusively grass-fed. Unlike grocery store feta cheese, which can be dry and harsh, this is creamy and tangy, with just a hint of tomato and basil. Because I wanted the flavor of the cheese to stand out, this pizza is simple – topped with just the cheese, fresh basil, and a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Feel free to adapt this recipe to your tastes and whims. Pizza with very thinly sliced apples and Havarti could be lovely, as could a cheddar pizza topped with crumbled bacon. A good pizza crust the perfect vehicle for whatever’s in season, making it an excellent recipe to have on hand for the local shopper.

Farmer’s Market Pizza with Feta and Basil


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Epicurious Coming to the Dupont Farmer’s Market August 16


Image from Epicurious.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time on Epicurious, the food site that has a mammoth search engine of  Gourmet and Bon Appetit recipes. Even if I don’t always end up using their recipes (some of the stuff from Gourmet is way too complicated for a simple gal like me) I’ll almost always hit it up for research purposes. Case in point: Epicurious provided some valuable ideas and options for yesterday’s bread salad.

I was very happy to hear that fellow Epicurious fans will have the opportunity to meet some of the faces behind the site. Epicurious will be making a nationwide farmer’s market tour in July and August, and will be visiting the Dupont Farmer’s Market on Sunday, August 16th. Visitors can receive a free tote bag and recipe card.

Given that I love to visit the Dupont Farmer’s market anyway, I would totally be going to this, were I not out of town that weekend. But maybe some obliging readers can hit it up and let us know what happened?

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