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Weekly Roundup: Can This Furniture Store Be Saved?

Domino Cover

Domino is closing! Domino is closing!

Good morning MondernDomestic readers! Here’s domestic news from the internets to accompany your Monday morning coffee.

Domino Is Done For

  • No! The rumors are true! My beloved Domino, the hip and stylish home-decor magazine, is closing its doors. The last issue will be in March. Read more and commiserate over at Design*Sponge.

Carla and Spike Party Top-Chef Style

Sugar and Champagne Wrap-Up

Desperation Hits Home Furnishings Market

  • Wow, so those increasingly desperate sale emails I’ve been receiving from The Pottery Barn aren’t just an isolated trend for home decor stores. The New York Times has an excellent piece on how the home furnishings market has collapsed in the economic downturn.

Delleicious DC Checks Out Red Velvet Cupcakery


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Monday Roundup: Mimosa is the New Black

Mimosa close up, the Women's day flower in Italy.

Mimosa flowers and the Pantone color of 2009.

Image via pizzodisevo on flickr, under the Creative Commons license.

Happy Monday, ModernDomestic readers! Here’s some reading from the blogosphere to get your week started right.

  • Did you know the the color for 2009 is “mimosa?” The Washington Post has an article about the “it” color and why this bright yellow is actually appropriate for the new Obama administration and our troubling economic times.
  • If you’re not feeling the yellow, Apartment Therapy LA has a post full of inspiration photos using a black, gray and purple color scheme. Somehow this feels much more appropriate.
  • The Capitol Cooking Show is looking for viewers to submit cupcake recipes for an upcoming episode called “Crazy For Cupcakes.” Read all about it on Delleicious. Too bad my favorite cupcake recipe to date (pumpkin cupcakes) isn’t my own—it’s Martha Stewart’s!
  • It’s time to start making your reservations for DC’s Winter Restaurant Week (Feb. 16-22). Don’t know where to make your money count? Stumped on the best places to make a reservation? Captiol Spice has a map of all your Restaurant Week choices (If I had the money to spare, I’d be trying to get a seat at Art and Soul. Oh well, next time). Also check out DC Foodies guide to getting the most out of Restaurant Week.
  • The District Domestic is making homemade doughnuts, which sounds like a good idea for a winter weekend project, and a nice break from the cupcake craze. I only made doughnuts once and I burned the the crap out of them, but hers turned out much better.
  • Design*Sponge has photos of really beautiful lighting from British designer Hannah Nunn. Her pieces look like what I’ve tried (and failed) to make on my own. These  beautiful, delicate lamps may just inspire me to try again.

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Monday Roundup: Inauguration Tizzy

Obama Cupcake - Single

Obama cupcakes are a hot item in the blogosphere.

Happy Monday, ModernDomestic readers.

To start your week off right, here’s some good news and reading from the domestic blog-o-sphere.

  • DC Foodies talks about what to drink in a recession, and apparently, it’s Montepulciano. Also, thank you for saying that Italian wine is “a bitch to get a handle on.” I’ve always thought that and have been too intimidated to say anything
  • And for all of you who have already broken some of your New Year’s resolutions, there’s a good post over at The Kitchn about failure, and why it’s an important component of any self-improvement plan, culinary or otherwise.

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