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Apple Turnovers With A Cheddar Crust

Apple Turnovers With Cheddar Crust

They're back! And they want to be part of your Thanksgiving!

Do not be alarmed. You are not traveled back in time to September. You have, indeed, seen these turnovers before.

But, you see, I was remiss in my reporting from the apple deluge. During my apple turnover project I made not one, but three kinds of apple turnovers. One type, with ginger and cranberry, you’ve already read about, and the other type (my attempt to make a savory, chutney-like apple filling) is not worth writing about here.

But the third type was actually my favorite – apple turnovers with a cheddar crust – and it would be a mighty shame if I didn’t post the recipe here. It was only last week, when my friend Alice and I were discussing the virtues of cheddar pie crust that I realized I had completely forgotten to put it up.

Perhaps this timing is fortuitous – after all, we’re in the thick of holiday season, and these would be really perfect for a light after-Thanksgiving dessert. If you’ve already committed to pumpkin pie, never fear – these would do very nicely at brunch during your leisurely four day weekend.

Even if you don’t make these turnovers, I hope this recipe inspires others to try cheddar pie crust in their holiday baking, because it truly is an amazing thing. It takes what we usually associate with a cheese plate – cheddar served with a slice of apple – and puts it in a pie plate. Crispy and flaky, the crust gets a mellow bite from the cheddar cheese that makes it much more interesting that normal pie crust. Use it in your next apple pie – you may just not go back your old apple pie crust.

Apple Turnovers With Cheddar Crust - In Process

Turnovers, pre turn-over.

Recipe: Apple Turnovers With A Cheddar Crust


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Apple Turnovers – Not An Apple Pie

Hand pies 2

Assorted apple turnovers.

I didn’t make an apple pie. I bet you thought I was going to make an apple pie. I mean, what could be more natural in a house inundated with 20 plus pounds of apples?

But no. No pie. Not only is pie, as I’ve written before, not a good dessert for the single studio life, but pie is too expected. Too banal. Too easy. I wanted a baking challenge. I also wanted to make something that I could hand out to my choir as a mid-morning pick me up, and pie is simply too messy.

So I settled on apple turnovers. You could also call them hand pies – and, in fact, I adapted them from a Smitten Kitchen recipe for peach hand pies (discovered during the peach picking incident).

This pie dough is unlike any I’ve made before – sour cream gives this dough a flaky texture that’s a cross between puff pastry and pie dough. The dough has little buttery, crispy pockets, making it lighter than a traditional pie crust. The sour cream, along with some lemon juice, adds another dimension to the crust that I really liked.

For the filling, I decided to dress up the apples with ginger and cranberries – in fact, I might make these again around the holidays. The heat from the ginger brings out the sweet-tart flavors of the apples and cranberries, and the cinnamon and allspice give these turnovers a nice, festive kick.

I also made a second set of turnovers, with a cheddar crust, but that’s a recipe for another post. Let’s just say that after boldly facing the apple deluge, I had a turnover flood on my hands. Thankfully, I found some very lovely folks from the Adams Morgan Listserv who took them the rest of these turnovers off my hands – I may have found a solution to the problems in my pastry supply chain.

Four apples down. Nineteen pounds to go.

Apples - haul

You will not defeat me.

Recipe: Apple, Cranberry And Ginger Turnovers

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