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Domestic Snapshots: Amaryllis In Winter


My amaryllis decided to bloom during DC's first winter snowstorm this year.

I’m not a green thumb, not by a long shot. But I’m happy to report that today, during the first real DC snowstorm of the year, my amaryllis plant is blooming for a second time.  The plant was a housewarming gift from Ferosha, and hasn’t bloomed for more than a year, probably because of my neglect. But lately I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my plants, and the daily watering has really paid off.

Of course, a DC “snowstorm” means you get four inches of snow, forcing schools to close, businesses to shut down, and Northeasterners like WonkthePlank and Midwesterners like Elpis and Justice to laugh their heads off. But even if the snow blanket is paltry, the English lit geek in me savors the poetic irony of my amaryllis blooming in the dead of winter.


Who knew that all it needed was daily watering and moderate sunlight?


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