Weekly Roundup: Impending Snopocalypse II Edition

DC Snow Day - Adams Morgan 3

Snopocalypse I

I feel a little dorky. Well, very dorky. Because I feel like it’s Christmas. For some reason, I’m totally excited about the impending Snopocalypse. I really love the snow – I love the sense of community it brings to DC. I loved seeing everyone walking around and talking to their neighbors during the last snow storm.

Granted a very, very good friend was supposed to visit from NYC this weekend, and now we’ve canceled the trip, which is really sad. But I hope that Snowpocalypse will force DC to show its friendly, neighborly face – and that’s something to be excited about.

Recipes I want to try – perhaps even during the Snowpocalypse, if the grocery stores don’t run out of produce:

  • Maybe it’s gauche to link to my own blog post, but I really want to try Churchkey’s caramel popcorn recipe. And a friend even gave me tips on popping my own corn on the stove top.

And in other news – some Snowpocalpyse related, some not:

  • Not feeling the lovey-dovey Valentines Day vibes? Katie at We Love DC has a sweet roundup of “Un-Valentines’ Day” events. I kind of want to go out with my single girlfriends on V-day, but mostly because it’s a three day weekend, not because I want to make an Anti-V-Day statement.
  • Apparently there were so many people at the P Street Whole Foods trying to buy food before the Snopocalypse II, they stopped letting people in. Via 14th and U.
  • Hello Cupcake is holding a Super Bowl cupcake battle – they’ll be selling cupcakes with logos from both the teams (which teams? Don’t ask me. You don’t read this blog for the sports), and whichever team sells the most cupcakes wins. I wonder if they’ll do this same battle for ice skating in the winter Olympics. Please say yes. Via Metrocurean.
  • Don’t have a Super Bowl party to attend? Best Bites has a list of restaurants throwing Super Bowl parties. Although, will they still be throwing them after the Snowpocalypse? Only time will tell.
  • The Cupcake Avenger (what an awesome blog name) reviews Bakeshop, the new cupcake store in Arlington.
  • Do you want to enter the hell that is competing on a restaurant reality TV show? The 24 Hour Restaurant Battle is having a casting call in DC February 22. Read all about it over at Capital Cooking.
  • Jesus – the Georgetown Cupcake sisters are getting a reality TV show? Not sure if I love or hate that news. Via Top Shelf.
  • Domino’s has supposedly “improved” their pizza. Tim Carman taste tests the new pizza over at Young and Hungry. All I can say is that if I need pizza during the Snopocalypse I’m either making my own or going to Pete’s.
  • We Love DC is having a hand crafted cocktail shindig at Wisdom Cocktail Parlour on February 23 from 6-8 p.m (LOVE IT). Get the details over at We Love DC.


  1. mary said

    Modern Domestic – Thanks for the generous mention. I”m in Seattle, which is fun, but I’m totally sad that I’m missing the snow, because, I agree, snow storms, especially big ones, always feel like Christmas.

  2. Olga said

    wow, my recipe is first on the list!?! I’m honored. Hope you like it if you give it a chance.

    I’m still undecided about what I’ll be making…guess it depends what I find in the store today.

  3. I’m thinking it is a chicken soup kind of storm. Also just in case I can’t make it out to watch the superbowl I stocked up on chips, salsa and the best worst thing ever- Cheetoes.

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