Bake Sale: Cookie Plates for Valentine’s Day

Almond and Citrus Sandwich Cookies - 2

It's February. It's Valentine's Day. Don't we all need a cookie?

Someone suggested mid-December that I should have sold cookie plates for Christmas, since people are always looking for sweet treats to celebrate the holiday. But, think about it, wouldn’t you rather have cookies for Valentine’s Day? It’s after the holiday season, the weather is usually dreary, and I think people are much more in need of a little something to brighten their day. If you’re not in a couple, then you can get a plate to snack on with your friends while you drink champagne and celebrate the single life. If you have a partner or a family, you can have them for a lovely dessert. And if you want to give your coworkers a pick-me-up (let’s face it, if you’re working on health care reform you probably need it by now), then bring in a plate to share with the office.

So, I’ll be offering up plates of heart-shaped sandwich cookies for the holiday. The cookies are almond sugar cookies, flavored with citrus. They’re sweet and buttery and crisp, with a fragrant hit of lemon and orange. You can choose between two fillings – a sophisticated Cabernet filling, or a decadent and rich dark chocolate ganache. One plate is 20 cookies and costs $15.

To order and for details, just fill out this order form. If you have questions, shoot me an email at

Almond and Citrus Sandwhich cookies - 4

Cabernet filling - sweet and rich with a boozy hit that marries perfectly with the crisp almond cookies.



  1. claire said

    Are you up for doing a mixed plate? Something ridiculous like 5 Cabernet and 15 Chocolate?

    • moderndomestic said

      Yes – that shouldn’t be a problem. There’s a “notes” section in the order form – just make a note somewhere so I can track it. Thanks!

  2. They are SO cute!!!

    • moderndomestic said

      Thanks! I am totally a fan of the sandwich cookie.

  3. mamatrekkie said

    Are these the same ones you brought to book club? If so YUM!

    • moderndomestic said

      Yup! Same ones – that was my test batch.

  4. For anyone on the fence- I have tasted the cabernet filled cookie and it ranks as one of the most delicious sandwich cookies I’ve ever had.

    The wine gives it a sophisticated flavor, a grownup wearin’ heels version of the thumbprint cookie of your childhood. I couldn’t stop eating them!

  5. Phil said

    I’m assuming you aren’t doing mail orders? Maybe I should just move to DC.

    • moderndomestic said

      I could make an exception for friends if you pay for shipping! I think they’d actually ship okay. Email me.

    • I think it would be better if you just moved to DC. Much cheaper!

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