Weekly Roundup: Helping Haiti Edition

Haiti Earthquake

A Haitian girl rests after receiving medical care.

Photo by United Nations Development Programme via flickr, used under the Creative Common’s License.

The media coverage of Haiti is overwhelming – image after image of destruction still can’t really capture what it’s like on the ground. For a first-person account of the earthquake, Rollings in Haiti talks about what happened when the earthquake hit (I found the link on DC Blogs). I agree with Anderson Cooper that the camera lens is too small convey the depth of the destruction.

Food bloggers and restaurants have been stepping up to do what they can – raise money for the Haiti relief effort. So I’m postponing my regular roundup and just focusing on food bloggers and local efforts to raise money for Haiti.

  • Updated to add: Amy Leavitt Photography is doing a giveaway and donating $200 to a Haitian-relief charity of the winner’s choice. She’ll also be donating $5 for every comment between now and January 20th. The Cooking Ninja will be donating 0.10 € for every comment left until January 24th (up to 1000 comments); proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Kay at the Keyboard will be donating 50 cents per comment to the most popular charity in her comments. And $5 dinners has already reached their $500 donation limit (they donated $5 for each link/comment received). Thanks to Scoop Adventures for the sending me these links.
  • The Washington City Paper has a roundup of DC-area Haiti benefits. Check out The Black Cat, which will be having a benefit on February 6, with performances from Tennis System and the State Department ($10). Busboys and Poets will also be holding a benefit this Sunday at 6:30 (suggested donation is $10) .
  • Endless Simmer has a roundup of legit places to donate to the food relief effort.
  • Mrs. Wheelbarrow posts her memories of living and working in Haiti in 1972, and urges readers to donate to the relief effort.
  • Thursday Night Smackdown is donating the usual cost of a “smackdown” dinner to the Haitian relief effort – and will give an additional $1 for everyone who comments before Saturday at noon.
  • For every comment posted on this Saffron and Blueberry post before January 31, $10 will be donated to the relief effort.
  • Confessions of A Pioneer Woman will be giving away two $500 donations to a Haitian relief charity of the winner’s choice, and will be donating 10 cents for every entrant in the giveaway (contest ends Friday at 12:00 EST).
  • Sweet Savory Life will be donating $1 for every comment received on her post – up to $1000.

Do you know of any other local DC restaurants or food blogs raising money for Haiti? Post in the comments.



  1. mary said

    You can $10 to the Red Cross to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting “HAITI” to “90999.”

    • moderndomestic said

      Thanks Mary!

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