New Cupcake Classes and Blog At Hello Cupcake

Hello Cupcake Decorating Class 8

Yes, you - YOU - can learn how to pipe those perfect swirls.

Coming in February, Hello Cupcake is unveiling a new series of cupcake design classes. Participants will learn will learn the tricks of designing and decorating cupcakes – from piping the frosting to rolling and stamping the fondant. Best of all, you’ll leave with a dozen of your own personally decorated treats.

Hello Cupcake Decorating Class 2

Emily Macel, one of the Hello Cupcake staff, gives piping tips.

I was invited to a preview event tonight,* and got to see a sneak peak of some of the techniques they’ll be teaching. Hello Cupcake’s Executive Pastry Chef, Todd Miller, showed us how to roll and stamp fondant, while Emily Macel, who works in the kitchen, showed me how to make frosting carrots (mine were . . . interesting). And Penny Karas, Hello Cupcake’s owner and founder, demonstrated the secret of those perfectly piped swirls (constant pressure and a steady hand).

Hello Cupcake Decorating Class 1

A sample fondant cupcake - we got to stamp flowers out of fondant.

The Hello Cupcake staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and I’m sure the classes will be a hit with DC cupcake fiends. Classes are two hours and cost $50, and each one is centered around a different holiday theme. The first class will focus on cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, and is scheduled for February 13 from 10:00 am to 12:00. Sign up in-person at the Dupont store, or email

Hello Cupcake Decorating Class 3

This teddy bear cupcake demonstrates Lauren DeSantis' (of Capital Cooking) mean piping skills.

Hello Cupcake also unveiled their new blog –, which they’re launching just in time for Valentine’s Day. Just post your worst (or . . .best?) pick up stories and get a chance to win a free cupcake. Given that this is DC, land of bad pick up stories, I’m sure competition will be stiff.

Hello Cupcake Decorating Class 6

Another sample fondant cupcake - this time with a fondant flower. I love the purple fondant on the chocolate frosting.

*Blog disclosure – this was a free “preview” event for the media, so I didn’t pay for my cupcakes (nor for the pink champagne).



  1. mary said

    This sounds fun. I’m glad you got to take the class!

  2. K said

    Fun! I’ll have to see if I’m in town to attend one of the later classes- thanks for passing along the info!

  3. Um, I think your yummy and cute blog post crashed Hello Cupcake’s server. I just emailed them to sign up and it bounced back. Neeeeeed better cupcake skillz, so hope I can get in!

  4. Olga said

    I was invited to it too, but had Restaurant Week reservations. Sounds like a super fun time!! All cupcakes look great.

  5. I love, love, love the cute little fondant flowers on top of the cupcakes! Next time I make a batch of Ina’s cupcake mix (Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting are my favorite) I’ll have to try decorating them with fondant!

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