Don’t Forget! Food Blogger Potluck Tonight!

Mmmm . . . potluck . . .

Don’t forget the food blogger potluck tonight! After much decision and a couple of frosting failures, I made chocolate cupcakes and blue cheese and walnut crackers for tonight’s gathering. And if you want stop by but don’t have time to make a dish, never fear – a bottle of wine or other beverage would be greatly appreciated.

RSVP over at Capital Cooking.



  1. […] I launch into my wheat bread musings, I want to thank everyone who attended the Food Blogger Potluck last night. This is such a lovely group of people, and the caliber of the food and conversation was […]

  2. […] excellent evening.  I think my favorite food items of the evening were Modern Domestic’s cheesy peppery walnut shortbread crackers, and also the fudgy espresso brownies (not sure who brought those, but they were awesome!).   The […]

  3. […] brought these to the Food Blogger Potluck last week, and they were a hit. They also made my entire apartment smell like blue cheese for a […]

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