Weekly Roundup: Bring on the Sugar Edition

Pie Crust

Everyone's indulging their sweet tooth these days.

Is there something in the air? There seem to be a whole lot of sweetness going on in the food media this week. People are baking pies, they’re drinking hot chocolate, they’re making cookies. I think it’s the fall weather and the start of the holiday season – people are just in the mood for sugar. Of course, I’m always in the mood for sugar – everyone else is just catching up to me.

On another note, thanks to everyone who came out to the Food Blogger Happy Hour at The Black Squirrel this Wednesday! As usual, I had a great time – DC Food Bloggers have proven, once again, that we’re a lively, friendly, and welcoming bunch. Can’t wait to see everyone in December.

And now, the recipes I want to try from this week’s Internet surfing:

  • The Dirty Radish is baking up sage cookies, which look like a cross between a cookie and a cracker. I love desserts that walk the savory and sweet line, and these look lovely.
  • David Liebowitz poaches pears. Yes, it sounds so simple, but why do they look so delicious?

And in other foodie news:

  • David Guas, former Pastry Chef for the Passion Food Group, just came out with a new cookbook, DamGood Sweet (also the name of his consulting business). Best Bites interviews Guas about his Louisiana heritage influences his desserts (think banana pudding, lemon icebox pie, and sweet-potato tarte tatin).
  • DCist interviews Zaytinya’s Mike Isabella about his controversial performance on Top Chef.
  • Um, would you buy 7-11 brand wine? What if it were only $4 a bottle? Soon, this will no longer be a hypothetical question. Via Top Shelf.
  • And speaking of hot chocolate, Metrocurean looks at some of the hot chocolate cocktails around town.

Happy Friday!



  1. Rebecca said

    I like to think it is in the air and not just pregnancy but I have definitely been hit by a sweet tooth. This is evidenced by the fact that I picked out all the M&Ms from my otherwise healthy trail mix.

  2. Martha said

    The sweet tooth is definitely hitting hard in Seattle – I made a pumpkin pie yesterday.

  3. Alice said

    I would not buy wine from 7-11. Nope. I also don’t buy 2 buck chuck anymore. The price is not worth the headache the next day.

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