Weekly Roundup: Halloween Costume Query Edition


It may be rainy, but I'm excited about Halloween.

We seem to have skipped fall and gone straight to winter this week. But I actually kind of like this weather – the rain and cold remind me of winter where I grew up in Oregon, and I can’t help but get excited that the holidays are on the way.

So, I have a question – what should I be for Halloween? The Arugula Files has already taken Julia Child. Some of my friends want me to go as “The Modern Domestic,” which is intriguing, although I can’t figure out if going at my own blog is a cool idea, or the ultimate act of self obsessed narcissism. Also, I kind of hate going as something that no one recognizes, as you have to spend the entire evening explaining what you are. Any thoughts? Ideas?

Recipes I want to try, found from this week’s internet adventures:

  • Capital Spice is making David Lebovitz’ Roquefort and honey ice cream. Everyone is in the mood for ice cream these days – and it looks delicious!

And in non-recipe news:

  • Tim Carman asks on the Young and Hungry blog: when should a critic trash a place? Is it okay to trash celebrity restaurants? What about neighborhood places?
  • Spike Mendelsohn, of the Good Stuff Eatery (and former Top Chef contestant) has put his competitive skills to use once again. Mendelsohn’s Prez Obama Burger won the New York City Food and Wine Festival burger competition. Via Metrocurean.
  • Lemmonex is taking the food stamp challenge and trying to eat on $3 a day. So far, the hardest part is figuring out the financials.
  • Ezra Klein at the Internet Food Association posted a criticism (not his own) of Christopher Kimball’s op-ed on the death of Gourmet and the rise of food blogs (Kimball’s not a fan). A comment war ensues.
  • This week’s blogtoberfest theme is travel stories. The Beerspotter tells us how he learned in Prague that “dark” beers are actually “girly” beers (they’re sweeter). Huh. Well, that explains why I like a nice porter . . .
  • In love with the “Food Flags” over at Mansion Mogul (scroll down).
  • Also in love with the Halloween Cakes over on Endless Simmer. Especially the spider wedding cake.

Happy Friday!



  1. Meg said

    Hmm, Halloween costumes are so hard! If you want a recognizable food-person, you could go as Lucille Ball from the episode where she’s working in the chocolate plant. That said, I think you could also be a great Dorothy. Or, I saw when looking for an idea for myself that 7 deadly sins were in, so you could carry around baked goods or other treats and go as Gluttony (or Lust, depending).

    • moderndomestic said

      Hah! Those are really good ideas – I especially like the “gluttony” one. Leave it to the theater girl to come up with good stuff.

      Actually, that makes me want Alex to weigh in as well . . .

  2. mary said

    I love the Lucille Ball idea. Other ideas:

    Betty Rubble
    Judy Jetson
    Paula Deen (you’ll need padding)
    Pippi Longstocking
    Rosie the Riveter

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