Weekly Roundup: Home Cookin’ Edition


It's fall. Time for some home cookin.'

I don’t get out that much. Usually. Oh sure, I get out on weekends – it is DC, after all. But my life is much more often a constant flow of the gym, scrambled eggs, and my laptop, than it is a whirlwind of cocktails, bars and fancy restaurants.

That all changed in the past week, since my family was in town. No, they wanted to wine and dine in the Nation’s Capital. And wine and dine we did for a whole week. To top it off, I attended the second Food Blogger Happy Hour on Wednesday, which was tons of fun, but meant I was out chatting the night away for yet another evening.

So today . . . I’m tired. Very tired. And I’m ready to get back to some home cooking. Not that dining out isn’t wonderful – it is. But I’m really in the mood for vegetables. Maybe some roast chicken. I could go for some soup.

Recipes I want to try:

  • Moussaka, from Capital Cooking. That looks like some lovely home cookin.’
  • Bahn mi, from The LA Times. I crave these. Crave them. They’re another Seattle dish that I absolutely miss.

And in other news from the food blogosphere:

  • Dining in DC is calling on food bloggers to help raise money for Food and Friends, a local nonprofit that provides nutrition counseling and meals to individuals living with HIV in the DC area. Food and Friends is throwing an annual bake sale, Slice of Life, where you can purchase pies and support the organization (or, you can just make a donation). Learn more at Dining in DC, or purchase pies here.
  • For Octoberfest, the Young and Hungry Beerspotter asks, “how did you get into beer?”
  • Ben Ali, founder of Ben’s Chili Bowl, dies at 82. A sad day for DC. Via DCist.
  • Christopher Kimball of Cook’s Illustrated, reflects on the demise of Gourmet and the rise of the “inexperienced” food blogosphere in a Washington Post op-ed. Let’s just say that he would not be a fan of this blog.
  • The New York Times profiles David Sax, whose new book, Save the Deli, chronicles the decline of the Jewish deli. He’s also speaking at 6th and I on Wednesday, Sept. 21.
  • Capital Spice reviews a selection of pumpkin beers. Their favorite? Pumking, from Southern Tier.


  1. I had so much fun with your parents at Enology and Two Amys! I hope they had a great time in DC.

  2. Bonnie said

    Loved finally meeting you Elena and we’re already looking forward to having you and Jenna visit us in Eugene next summer after the conference in PDX!

    We did have a fantastic time in DC and I continued the party in New Jersey. Now back to reality.

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