Weekly Roundup: Parental Control Edition


My Dad, at an impromtu wine and cheese hour that my parents and I had at The Zenon the last time I was in Eugene. My family likes the vino.

Yes, it’s true – my parents, sister, and her boyfriend are in town this weekend! I’ll spare you a bunch of family photos and only post this one from a lovely wine and cheese hour that I had with my parents at Cafe Zenon in Eugene.

So where are we eating, you ask? So far, we’ve hit up Bistro Du Coin, and we have reservations at The Tabard Inn for tonight (I love that place). I’ll be taking them by my favorite happy hour spot in the city (no, I’m not telling you where, lest it get too popular), and we’ll definitely be going to 2Amys at some point. I haven’t quite planned out where we’ll be eating during the entire week they’ll be here – I guess those places will just be happy little surprises along the way.

Recipes I want to try from this week’s Internet adventures:

And in other news:

  • The Arugula Files is considering going as Julia Child for Halloween. I support this idea. She also reports that the “chicken with butter sauce” dish from Mastering The Art of French Cooking is “scrumptious.”
  • Tim Carman slams upscale Dean and Deluca “Oreos” on Young and Hungry. I contend that comparing artisan sandwich cookies to scientifically engineered Oreos is like comparing cats and dogs – they’re so different it’s a pointless enterprise.
  • The Mansion Mogul features Art of the Day. Check out the amazing paper pieces.

Happy Friday!



  1. Uncle Mike said

    Hey! Who is that handsome guy behind the pinot gris? So, if I come to Washington, will you take me on a restaurant tour?

    • moderndomestic said

      Of course! Although I’m most qualified to lead a cupcake tour.

  2. KPD said

    2 Amy’s is the best! Have you tried Proof? I am thinking of bringing my parents for the wine…although currently they are more on a beer kick!

    • moderndomestic said

      No – I’ve never been to Proof, but I’ve always wanted to go! Hmmmm, maybe that will go on our list . . . thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Proof is great! The service we had there was amazing – a genuine value as well. All the food was delish and a fabulous selection of wines. I’m dying to go to Tabard!

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