After The Apple Storm

Apples - Basket

The Haul. Well, actually, my haul was about three times this big.

The apple deluge is here. I have, sitting in the corner of my apartment, a good 20 pounds of apples from a day out at Homestead Farms. I could barely carry the haul from my friend’s car to my apartment (yes, in case you’re thinking it, I’m not very strong).

Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of writing this weekend. Instead, there was a lot of peeling. And chopping. And cutting butter into pastry. And rolling of dough. Maybe I’ll write about it. Maybe, if I can get up the energy after making all these things with apples.

Apples - Rebecca

Rebecca can't believe how big this apple is.

Apples - On the Tree

On the tree. I would tell you what variety of apple this is, but I'm honestly not sure.

Homestead Farms - More Squash

Squash for sale at the farm.

Apples - Picking

Among the trees.



  1. Joellen said

    Do tell! I’d love to hear what you’ve made. I haven’t made anything yet. But I have lined up my ideas: apple butter, apple cake, mini apple muffins and apple sauce. Yum!

  2. Joanne said

    I’m making apple pound cake sometime this week. I have low expectations.

  3. […] I bet you thought I was going to make an apple pie. I mean, what could be more natural in a house inundated with 20 plus pounds of […]

  4. Rebecca said

    I made apple crisp, but I cheated because I had a mix. The mix was for either for 2 crisps using 5 apples each, or one big crisp with 10 apples. So i prepped 10 apples and then discovered that at some point I had used half the mix to make a 5 apple smaller crisp. So now I have a 10 apple crisp with half the dough. But it’s all good because I used plenty of butter!

    • moderndomestic said

      Well it’s definitely healthier with less topping, but the topping is the best part. Is the mix better than making it from scratch?

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