Weekly Roundup: Incoming Apple Deluge Edition


This is Elmo, from Homestead Farms. I hope I get to see him again on my return visit!

Yes, that’s right, I’ll be making a return trip to Homestead Farms this weekend (that’s the same farm where I picked those peaches that lead to such an epic baking week). I fully intend to come back with more apples than I possibly know what to do with. I’m thinking apple butter, I’m thinking apple pie, I’m thinking apple chutney. It’s shaping up to be a good weekend.

Recipes I found this week that I want to try:

  • Spiced autumn preserves from NPR, from their article on freezer jam. This is a possible use for all those apples.
  • Gradually Greener makes green tomato chutney. I wonder if I could adapt this recipe for apples . . . hmmm . . .
  • Skillet bread from Art and Soul, via Best Bites. I always think of skillet bread as corn bread, but this is actually a yeast bread baked in a skillet.
  • Golden nutmeg buns from the Washington Post.
  • Stuffed mushrooms (simultaneously indulgent and guilt free) from The Arugula Files.

And in non recipe-related news:

  • I guess I know nothing about Mexican food. When I think of “Tex Mex” cuisine I think of cheese, sure – but usually I think of enchiladas smothered in cheddar cheese, or nachos piled high with pepperjack cheese. So I was surprised to learn, via the City Paper’s Young and Hungry column, that the real sign of Tex Mex cuisine is processed cheese – i.e., American or Velveeta. Seriously? I can’t eat that stuff – it tastes so gross to me. I would like deborahdawn, a Texas native (who cooks a mean tamale, by the way), and my sister, who lives in Austin, to weight in.
  • What does a feminist look like? A woman who likes her steak rare, her burgers made of beef, and a waiter to treat her with the same respect as a male customer. At Lemmonex.
  • We Love DC thinks they know the identities of the Real Housewives of DC – not that they recognize the names. No, it’s totally not food news – but I don’t care!
  • Capital Spice reviews Cork, on 14th street. This has long been on my list of places to try – I am such a wine bar fan.
  • The Washington Post writes about late night baking. Man, I am such a late night baker – there’s nothing better than pulling a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven as the sun rises. And no, I’m not being sarcastic – I’ve totally done this on multiple occasions.

Happy Friday!

Homestead Farms - The Haul

The haul from our last visit to Homestead Farms. There was much peach ice cream making after that trip.



  1. deborahdawn said

    I do recall the vivid yellow/orange cheese/sauce from my Central Texas childhood – specifically the cheese enchiladas at Larry’s Mexican Restaurant in Early, TX (a frequent after church stop) that were drowning in the stuff. I’d say that indistinct ingredient is the star of a certain kind of Tex-Mex – can we call it TGI-Tex-Mex? But there is a lot more out there to love!

  2. kaydee said

    I’m finally going to be home this weekend and next weekend and I really really really want to go apple picking! Apple pie to send to my sweetie, apple sauce, baked apple (I love baked apples). I’m going to look into methods to preserve, like frozen pies, canned apple sauce, etc!

  3. […] apple deluge is here. I have, sitting in the corner of my apartment, a good 20 pounds of apples from a day out at […]

  4. speakfoodish said

    I totally went fruit picking for my birthday!…and wrote about it too lol (http://speakfoodish.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/things-to-do-while-unemployed/) I think I went to the same farm, I’m from DC. However, I got so tired from picking I had to freeze my fruit and use it for pies a few weeks later lol. In any case it was great to see a DC food blogger and I love how you link to other DC bloggers. It’s great and fun for me to read. Good luck!

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