Weekly Roundup: I’ve Had The Time Of My Life Edition


Watermelon will be making an apperance at the Patrick Swayze Memorial Brunch.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/moreno415/ / CC BY 2.0

Patrick Swayze is gone, and a tiny piece of my childhood died along with him. My sister and I were both obsessed with Dirty Dancing – obsessed with the music, obsessed with the dance sequences, obsessed with Johnny Castle. Who couldn’t fall in love with his stern yet sweet manner, commitment to his artistic integrity, and his grace and elegance on the dance floor?

Dirty Dancing caused a bit of a controversy in my town when I was growing up. My sister was still in elementary school when the movie came out, and many of her friends weren’t allowed to see it because of the “racy” content (i.e., the sex scene. Considering that there’s now racier stuff shown on family sitcoms, that concern seems incredibly quaint now). But my sister went to a slumber party where unsuspecting parents showed Dirty Dancing to a group of nine and ten year old girls – not realizing the “controversial” content. Let’s just say there was some parental hell to pay the next day. But for all those little girls, I’m sure it was worth it.

I’ll be throwing a Patrick Swayze memorial brunch at noon on Sunday. There will be watermelon, in some form. There will be mimosas. And damn it, if I have to search every video store in DC (the movie is a “long wait” on Netflix), there will be Dirty Dancing. Because I’ve had the time of my life. And it’s time to celebrate.

Recipes I want to try (found from this week’s non-Dirty dancing Internet adventures):

  • The Arugula Files shares my deep love of Ina Garten. So she was thrilled to make one of Jeffrey’s favorite recipes – baked shrimp scampi. Who’s Jeffrey, you ask? You are clearly not an Ina Garten fan.
  • The Tipsy Baker is making a Huguenot Tort from a 1961 New York Times recipe. The verdict? It’s a one-bowl cake worthy of a weekly spot on the dinner table.
  • Olga, at Mango and Tomato, is making arugula, pomegranate and fig salad with a balsamic glaze. Lovely.
  • Amelia shares different preservation methods for her summer produce: drying, pickling, and jam making (can I say “jamming?).

And in other foodie and Dirty Dancing news:

  • Lemmonex is also taking Swayze’s death hard.
  • Do you have a food blog? Help the Beerspotter make October Blogtoberfest. Via Young and Hungry.
  • The Washington Post sets out to prove that homemade fast food is cheaper and better tasting than purchased fast food. Perhaps. Perhaps. But I had a really horrible homemade doughnut experience that would dispute this thesis (how can a doughnut be both burned on the outside and raw on the inside? I can tell you how).
  • Lisa at Dining in DC has the scoop on the “Local Foods, Local Chefs” program.

Happy Friday!



  1. mary said

    Oh man, I loved Dirty Dancing too. A few months ago, I watched it with some friends. We knew every line. An absurd movie that brought joy to millions of teenage girls. Patrick, you were loved.
    BTW I love your blog!

    • moderndomestic said

      Every girl I know loves Dirty Dancing. It’s one of those movies that makes NO SENSE when you really think about it, but totally draws you into its world.

  2. […] Arugula Files commented this weekend that Dirty Dancing is an “absurd” movie. And it is. I can’t think of […]

  3. kaydee said

    I’m pretty sure they were playing the “hands and hearts” tune on the bells on campus the other day- it made me think of Dirty Dancing. Such a great movie!

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