Weekly Roundup: Would That Every Week Were A Four Day Week Edition

Eastern Market

If every week were a four day week, I could go to places like Eastern Market to do my grocery shopping.

This was a four day week that actually felt like a four day week – not a five day week in disguise. Now I just wish that every week were this long – and every weekend were a three day weekend. Think of all the baking I could get done – I would even have time to make croissants for once.

Plans for this weekend include baking a batch of mini cupcakes (more on that next week! I am so excited about them), having a low-key girl’s night, helping out at a birthday party, and attending the Adams Morgan’s Day festival. I’ll also be house sitting, so hopefully I can catch up on all that Project Runway I’ve been missing now that I don’t have cable. Network television – take note. You are no match for Bravo.

Recipes I want try from this week’s Internet perusing (which I could do, if all weekends were three day weekends)

And from the non-recipe blog-o-sphere:

  • Mary, at The Arugula Files has beautiful photos from the Adams Morgan Day Festival (last years,’ I’m assuming), and eight good reasons to go (hint: they involve eating, dancing, and supporting your community).
  • Counter Intelligence ponders how our attitude towards a meal or a particular restaurant can color the entire dining experience. And does your choice of dining companions change how you enjoy a meal?
  • Amelia, at Gradually Greener, reflects on nostalgia eating after visiting an old college haunt. I totally did that while I was in Seattle – amazing how certain foods are so closely tied to memories.
  • Eddie Ross takes a tour through the Food Network’s prop house. It really made me feel that I need more plates. A lot more plates. Of every conceivable shape and size.
  • Metrocurean looks at nine noteworthy DC restaurant openings coming up this fall.

Happy Friday!



  1. I was so happy you agreed to go to the Preston Singletary exhibit- I think it was worth it! That other museum with the baby arm jewelry was horrible- glad we figured out we were at the wrong place!

    • moderndomestic said

      I would totally see the Preston Singletary exhibit again if he came to DC – his stuff was amazing.

      And I will always remember the look on your face when you said “Wait. WAIT! We’re in the WRONG MUSEUM.” I will never again think the The Tacoma Art Museum and the Museum of Glass are the same thing.

    • Alice said

      Is that jewelry to go on a baby’s arm or jewelry made out of a baby’s arm? Please tell me it’s the former.

      • moderndomestic said

        Neither – it was made out of plastic baby doll arms. Not as gross as using real baby arms, but it was by no means pretty.

  2. Amelia said

    Oooh, yes, I gotta make sure I get to Adams Morgan Day this year. Last year I think I was working on election stuff, so I had to miss it.

    • moderndomestic said

      Oh yes, you would have been crazy at this time last year if you were on the campaigns. I actually think I went last year – and I remember it being really, freakishly hot. Like, in the high 90s. Not fun. Let’s hope this year’s weather is better.

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