Postcards From the Pacific Northwest

Northwest - Honey at Pike Place

A honey vendor in Pike Place market. Eastern Market has nothing on Pike Place, in my humble opinion.

It’s day five of my vacation in the Pacific Northwest – I flew to Portland yesterday after spending a couple days in Seattle, and am currently gearing up for a day of wine tasting with my parents. No time to write – I just wanted to share these photos with you from my trip. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back!

Northwest - Flowers at Pike Place

Flowers, flowers everywhere.

Yes, you’ve heard about the fish throwing vendors at Pike Place Market – but have you seen the flowers there? My friend Aiko and I saw bouquet after bouquet of beautiful flowers – many for as little at $5 a piece.

Northwest - Peppes at Pike Place

I really wanted to buy this wreath.

I loved these wreaths of peppers at Pike Place. I’d hang one in my kitchen window and bring a little cheer to my tiny kitchen.

Northwest - Vivace Latte

Man I miss these.

Another excellent Seattle latte – this time from Espresso Vivace. I love the foam art. You don’t get that at Starbucks.

Northwest - Hotel Monaco in Portland 2

I love the bold mix of styles at the Hotel Monaco.

I’m staying with my parents in the Hotel Monaco in Portland, and I’m absolutely in love with the bright, eclectic decor. I love the mix of Asian influences and classic styles.

Northwest - Hotel Monaco in Portland

A sette out of Alice in Wonderland.

Another vignette from the Monaco. I would never want this settee in my house, but it’s a perfect piece for a hotel.


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