Weekly Roundup: Feeling the Northwest Love Edition

Rainsong Winery

Going wine tasting at Oregon wineries is on my list of things to do while I'm back in the Northwest. This photo is from Rainsong Winery, a small winery outside of Eugene, Ore.

I’m off to my beloved Pacific Northwest on Sunday and will be gone for two full weeks – week one for work, week two for fun.  I can’t even express how excited I am about this trip – I’ll get to see my friends in Seattle, dine out in Portland, and see my family in Eugene. On my list of things to do: drink a really good latte at a local Seattle coffee shop (not a Starbucks masquerading as a local store), eat Thaiger noodles at the Thaiger Room, drink a pint of Mac and Jacks, eat a cupcake at Cupcake Royale, walk down to Gasworks Park, go wine tasting at Oregon wineries, and go running around Greenlake. Oh, and see all my friends in Seattle and Eugene – that actually tops the list.

Given my crazy travel schedule, posting will be sporadic in the next few weeks, but I’m going to do my best to do some updates from the road. Wish me luck – and have a great weekend!

The recipes I want to try this week are very fruit-centric – it seems that everyone is trying to use up their excess summer fruits!

  • The Bitten Word is making top crust peach and cardamom pie with cardamom-vanilla ice cream. Where was this recipe when I was drowning in peaches?
  • The Arugula Files is making plum coffee cake with brown sugar and cardamom streusel. Is cardamom a good pairing with stone fruit, perhaps? It certainly sounds lovely.
  • Rose’s Red Velvet Cake! Rose Levy Berabaum, whose new cookbook is coming out in the fall, has some preview recipes up on Amazon. I’m so excited that the new book has a recipe for Red Velvet Cake!
  • A beautiful lime meringue tart, from David Lebovitz. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a citrus dessert . . . now when can I have a dinner party and make this?
  • Lemmonex is making post-shenanigans mac and cheese with bacon and shrimp. Not sure about the shrimp (I like, but do not love, shrimp), but the bacon sounds like a good addition to me.

And in other news from this week’s Internet ramblings:

  • What makes a good wine – the terroir, or the winemaker? The Washington Post considers this question after a tasting of Oregon Pino Noirs. If only I had been there in mid-July for the International Pinot Noir Celebration in McMinnville.
  • Young and Hungry is also feeling the Oregon love – with an ode to Portland’s Rogue Brewery. Their Dead Guy Ale might just be my favorite beer – and the only one I can get consistently in DC.
  • Metrocurean has the scoop on Mid City Cafe, a new coffee shop on 14th street. The late in the picture looks pretty promising, but can it live up to my beloved Seattle coffee shops?
  • Amelia has a thing or two to say about bugs. Specifically, the bugs invading her community garden plot.

Happy Friday!



  1. Name your price- I want some of that red velvet cake!

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