Report from the Domestic Homefront

Apartment Update - Living Room From the Kitchen
The new, more decorated, apartment.

Decorating projects have a way of sneaking down to the bottom of my to do list and hiding there. “Oh, I’ll get to that some day,” I’ll say, as I contemplate simple projects like hanging pictures of purchasing new throw pillows. But “some day” is never today.

Thankfully, I managed to carve out a couple days worth of time over the past few weekends to spend doing nothing but apartment things – and I’m so happy I did. Slowly but surely, the place is coming together and feeling much more like a home. It’s amazing what hanging some pictures, getting some chairs, and putting up curtains will do.

Since people wanted to know how the decorating process is going along, here is where I’m at:

Apartment Update - Livingroom

Living room. God I wish people could actually sit in that chair.

The living room, as it currently stands. I love the pictures behind the couch, I love how the curtains finish the space, and I love the way the white chairs looks – even if one of the legs is broken and you can’t actually sit in it. I hate the country-style coffee table, but at least it doubles as a step stool. I am trying to incorporate some of the orange and blue art pieces from my old bedroom into the green and brown decorating scheme of the living room. It’s still pretty green, but I actually think the blue and orange collage over the couch looks pretty nice.

Apartment Update - Pictures

A closeup of the pictures over the couch.

See, don’t they look pretty?

Apartment Update - Chair

A detail from the living room

This is actually an inexpensive folding chair from Ikea that a friend gave me –  I think the pillow makes it look quite nice. The fabric hanging on the back is actually a dishtowel from Skinny laMinx, which I want to stretch over a frame and hang as an art piece. That is one of those “some day” projects.

Apartment Upate - Bed

The gentleman on the bed is Brown Teddy.

This isn’t the greatest photo, but I seriously love my comforter – it’s one of the Dwell Studio designs for Target (and I bought it with a gift certificate that was a housewarming present from my sister. Thanks Bri!). My next project is to make some kind of headboard thing for the bed that will help ground it a bit – I’m thinking I may either use fabric and hang it over the bed, or make some kind of mobile project. Another “some day” project.

Apartment Update - Table and Chairs

"Dining Room."

My “dining room.” The picture, from The Small Stakes, is another orange/blue piece that I’ve had to incorporate into the apartment. The tablecloth, which I obviously sewed for a square table, is a bed covering from Urban Outfitters – but I’d actually like to replace it with something less busy. The table is from Craigslist, and the chairs I found on the Cleveland Park listserve (and many thanks to Elpis and Justice, who generously volunteered to pick them up with me in her car). I’d like to recover them at some point.

Apartment Update - Cards

Can you spot the pop-up cupcake card, the ruby slippers card, and the musical Harry Potter card?

My fabulous collection of Birthday cards!

Apartment Update - Plant

The succulent soldiers on.

My succulent, which is doing pretty well on my sunny windowsill. It always amazes me that it’s still alive.



  1. Joellen said

    Your apartment looks great! Good job on the decorating.

    • moderndomestic said

      Thank you!

  2. Bonnie said

    I love it all. Great job hanging the art. Did you make the collage hanging over the couch? About the chair…they sell unfinished wood legs that just screw into the bottom of furniture. We’ll have to make a pilgrimage to Jerry’s Home Improvement when your home. The whole place looks great–you should feel very good! Oh and I love, love, love the comforter (not to mention the gentleman who sits upon it).

    • moderndomestic said

      Yes, I did do that collage. It’s one of my favorites.

      Okay, I’ve looked for those wood legs everywhere and I seriously can’t find them – I even schlepped out to the Home Depot. If they have them at Jerry’s then yes – let’s go!

      The Dwell Target stuff is really well done. I just hope it will hold up after a couple washings.

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