Weekly Roundup: Addicting Food Edition

Chocolate Mint Cookies

These chocolate mint sandwich cookies would be addicting, if they weren't so much work to make.

Tonight, blogger happy hour. Tomorrow, Julie and Julia. Sunday, sewing class. This weekend is going to be awesome.

From this week’s Internet ramblings:

  • Elpis and Justice is reading The End of Overeating, which uncovers how the food industry engineers food to be “addictive” (we’re talking about cocaine-like addictive properties here), and she is full of tales about the addictive properties of Cinnabons. Now, of course, I really want a cinnamon bun. Thankfully, Best Bites has a roundup of where to get fresh, artisanal, non-engineered sticky buns in DC.
  • Speaking of (potentially) addictive food items, Buzz bakery has their own spin on the bacon cupcake – devils food cake topped with peanut butter bacon frosting. And you know what? They look really good. Via Metrocurean.
  • Well, now we know – Padma Lakshmi gains ten pounds during every season of Top Chef. I love it when beautiful people admit they also gain weight – I love it so much it’s a crime.
  • Young and Hungry has the scoop on DC Beer Week, a series of beer-themed events running from August 16 to 21. For the most up-to-date list, check out the event’s Facebook page.
  • The New York Times names Sam Sifton as their next restaurant critic, taking over Frank Bruni’s old spot.
  • Lemmonex has returns to cooking after a break, and is making citrus apple cornish game hens.
  • I loved reading this Washington Post profile of David Lebovitz, former Chez Panisse pastry chef turned blogger/cookbook author extraordinaire. You can get the recipe for caramelized white chocolate, mentioned in the article, on David Lebovitz’s blog.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Kathleen said

    Do you have a recipe for these cutout mint chocolate cookies? Thank you!

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