Your Favorite Childhood Desserts?

Shortbread 4

Chocolate chip cookies top my nostalgia list. (Although, to be honest, these are actually chocolate orange shortbread cookies. But you get the idea.)

I’m still tuckered out from my weekend of cooking, jam making, and canning. And I am having way too much fun looking at all the great birthday cards I got – I can’t decide which is my favorite: the musical Harry Potter card from my friend Nancy, the pop-up cupcake card from my friend Kristin, the ruby slipper card from Nonnka, or the retro cake decorating card from Elpis and Justice. I love them all.

All this jam-making and tart baking and canning has put me in a nostalgic mood. When I told my father about my canning experiments, he told me that my grandmother used to do epic canning sessions during the summer. Her brandied peaches were apparently famous in the family for their, shall we say, strong flavor.

For me, the most nostalgic desserts are the ones my I grew up on – chocolate chip cookies, The Joy of Cooking’s brownies, my mother’s apple pie, and those achingly sweet grocery store cupcakes that always made an appearance at school birthday parties.

But I’m interested in what presses your nostalgia button. What brings a little tear to your eye? Pumpkin pie that your grandmother made? The snickerdoodles you made at your best friend’s house? Cheesecake from that bakery down the street from your childhood home? I want to know – for possible inclusion in a baking project, but also to fulfill my own voyeuristic tendencies.



  1. Alice said

    My dad’s homemade raspberry ice-cream tops the poll for me. So creamy and rich…

    • moderndomestic said

      That sounds lovely – talking to you makes me want an ice cream maker.

      I have a certain love of this mint chocolate Oreo ice cream that the ice cream store down the street sold.

  2. Joanne said

    This is a hard one, I’m torn between two. First are those little green cookies that you can buy at the grocery, which are shaped like leaves and half dipped in chocolate. I loved those as a kid, brought them to school on my birthday, and still look at them with love today. Second is filipino fruit salad. Just thinking about it makes me a little weepy. It makes me think of a time when I thought everyone brought rice and meat to school in Hello Kitty shaped tupeware for lunch and weekends were spent having my cheeks pinched by my filipino “aunts”, who consisted of all filipino woman living within a 50 mile radius of us or North America. I pulled up a recipe of the dessert on-line, it’s creamy, sweet, and full of so many of the wonderful things that Philippines has to offer. I just had to share!

    1 – 10 oz jar maraschino cherries without stems
    3 – 30 oz cans fruit cocktail (or 1 – #10 can)
    1 – 20 oz can pineapple chunks
    1 – 15 oz can mandarin orange segments
    1/2 – 12 oz jar coconut sport (aka macapuno)*
    1/2 – 12 oz jar sugar palm fruit (aka kaong)*
    1/2 – 12 oz jar pineapple gel (aka nata de pina) and/or coconut gel (aka nata de coco)*
    1 – 8 oz pkg. cream cheese, room temperature
    1/2 – 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
    1/2 – 12 oz jar or can of jackfruit (aka langka) in syrup*
    *can be found in most Filipino or Asian grocery stores

  3. Joanne said

    And Happy Birthday!

  4. Deb Doyle said

    Being a salt/crunch person, my favorite childhood food memory was of Charles Chip potato chips. We had a truck which would come to our house every week or so, and my Mother would buy a big tin of potato chips, which were the freshest, saltiest, best tasting potato chip ever! I use to hunt down all the burnt ones first! Our other thing, and your Mother can attest to this, were Tastycakes…chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter kandykakes and butterscotch krimpets in particular. Back then, they tasted better then they do today, but not sure if that’s because my memories are sweeter, or the cupcakes were.

    Happy Birthday Jenna!

  5. Bonnie said

    Your right, Deb. Those Charles Chips potato chips are on the top of my list since I’m more a salty than sweet person. I occasionally see them in catalogs of foods from the past. Our kids got to experience Tastykakes on a regular basis thanks to Mom and Dad mailing them to us. When people talk about Hostess Cupcakes, I take a superior attitude as I explain in detail about the wonderful Tastykakes you only could get in the Philly area. Hostess baked goods always tasted like nothing but chemicals compared to Tastykakes.

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