Weekly Roundup: Blog Anniversary Edition

Peanut Butter Blossom

Happy blog anniversary to me.

I’m still mulling over my first blog anniversary – what does it mean? How should I try to grow? What should I do for next month’s baking project? I have many blog-related things to ponder. But not this weekend, since I have a friend from college visiting from New York – and I couldn’t be more excited to see her. Question – where should we go for dinner on Saturday? Somewhere cute, but no so loud that you can’t have a conversation.

Recipes gathered from my weekly Internet adventures I want to try:

  • Amelia over at Gradually Greener is making nocino, an Italian liqueur, from foraged black walnuts. Okay, so I don’t think I have the gumption to try this, but it makes me want to do a tamer version of flavored liqueur. Like strawberry. Or blackberry. Or vanilla. Man. I am such a girl.
  • Take the Cannoli has a simple vanilla cupcake recipe. Another one to try in my quest for the perfect vanilla cupcake.
  • Mary at the Arugula Files is making “honest” blueberry jam. All these articles about canning and preserving have made me want to get on the jam train. Anyone want to go berry picking some weekend?

And in other Internet news:

  • Carla Hall was such a hit on Top Chef that two more DC area chefs are lined up for season six: Bryan Voltaggio of Volt and and Mike Isabella, chef de cuisine at Zaytinya. Via Best Bites.
  • Oh my God! My furniture prayers have been answered! CB2 may be opening up a store in DC! Via 14th and You.
  • Young and Hungry reports that Kim O’Donnel is ending her blog, “A Mighty Appetite,” of The Washington Post. Sad – I really liked that blog. Did they let her go to let on Ezra Klein?
  • Soon, the nation’s capitol will be awash in peeps! Just Born, maker of peeps and other delicious candy items, is planning on opening a Peeps store at national harbor. Via We Love DC.
  • Can I just tell you how happy I am that Lemmonex is back to blogging? This week she reviewed Red Rocks in Columbia Heights and was underwhelmed. Still, I may check it out – after all, I need to explore my new neighborhood some more.

Happy Friday!



  1. probonogeek said

    I was all ready to take a guess at who the friend might be… but I would have sworn she was in Yakima for the summer. Sadly, I have no recommendations as my time in D.C. was one of extreme poverty where going to the Johnny Rockets in Union Station was considered a BIG deal.

  2. moderndomestic said

    Sadly, I haven’t talked to Sara in, like, two years – although I should really get back in touch with her. Do you know if she’s going to stay in NYC after law school?

    But it IS an ASUW alum: Miss. Meg Maurus is coming down to visit tomorrow. I’m so excited!

  3. lemmonex said

    Happy one year anniversary!

    And….try Pete’s in your hood. You will thanks me.

    • moderndomestic said

      Thank you! And thanks for the tip – I will check it out (and maybe I’ll even thanks you).

  4. Meg said

    Happy Blogaversary! I’ve been reading since you visited Oberlin (so are my parents)- I’ve been really inspired by you to cook more and more adventurously- kitchen experiments have been many and for the most part pretty successful (or at least edible). Thanks for putting this out there!
    Alex says hi too!

    • moderndomestic said

      Meg! I’m totally stoked you’ve been reading! I also hope the kitchen in your place is bigger/cleaner than the kitchen in Alex’s place – it helps with the adventurous cooking.

      Also, if you ever want to visit DC when you’re up in Providence let me know – you’re welcome to crash on my couch. Maybe even Alex can come too. If he’s good.

  5. Joellen said

    I’ll go berry picking with you one weekend. I made strawberry jam last year at ate it for months. I’ve been wanting to do it again, but haven’t made my way back to the strawberry patch. Rebecca mentioned a farm in MD that has fruit all year. Maybe we can go there.

  6. Rebecca said

    Yes! The farm is Homestead Farms in Poolesville, MD. http://www.homestead-farm.net/ They have blackberries and peaches right now!

  7. Amelia said

    Oh man, now I REALLY want one of those peanut butter chocolate cupcakes from Hello Cupcake. Damn your mouth-watering photography!

    Thanks for the link! Have fun out on the town.

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