Apartment Inspiration Overload

Apartment 5

No. I still haven't hung these pictures.

I’ve been installed in this new apartment for more than three weeks now, but after the initial flurry of finding places for everything to go, I haven’t done much in the decorating department. No pictures have been hung, no curtains have been hung, no new pillows have been sewn.

Part of the problem is that I still have some furniture to buy (bookshelf, chairs), and I’m still trying to figure out how to reconcile the vastly different color schemes of the living room (brown and green) and bedroom (blue and orange) of my old place.

But a big reason that I haven’t decorated yet is that I’m over-inspired. Every time I go on design blogs or look through a furniture catalog, I see so many items and schemes and tricks that I want to use in my place that I get overwhelmed and distracted and instead spend my evening watching old seasons of “The Office” or “Sex in the City.”

So I’ve decided to try to deal with my inspiration overload in steps. Rather than looking through blog after blog after blog until I can’t remember which photo was which, I’m going to just select one blog, Design*Sponge, and choose a couple photos and images that I really, really like the look of. This isn’t to say that I won’t be looking at other design sources – just that, for today, I’m limiting myself to one.

It also doesn’t mean that my finished space will look anything like these – just that they have a “feel” that I’d like to replicate in my own space. The next step will be looking at my own space and figuring out specific projects I need to do – but right now, I’m trying to only deal with step one.

After looking through these, I think the reason I like them is that the spaces are eclectic and colorful, without being cluttered. They all make good use of white space – which is good, since I can’t paint my apartment. And they have a simple, organic, lived-in feel, which makes sense, since they’re all from people’s actual homes.


I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my bed, which may be why I was so drawn to this photo from Design*Sponge’s sneak peek into Hannah Berman’s home. I like how the bed mixes patterns, and I like the collection of objects on the headboard.


This photo also comes from Hannah Berman’s sneak peak. What a beautiful dining room set, and the large floral print on the wall is girly without being over the top. I also like how the orange and blue dishes tie into the colors of the print – but not in an obvious or “matchy matchy” way.


Okay, this is exactly the kind of duvet cover that I’m searching for! I also love the upholstered headboard – it really anchors the bed. From Design*Sponge’s interview with Sabrina and Eunice Moyle.


This photo, from the home of illustrator Alex Eben Meyer, is exactly how I’d like my living room to look some day. Clean, modern, colorful without being overwhelming. And I seriously love that couch!


I love this living room, from the home of Krista Davis. I love the way she brightens up the couch using throw pillows – and I also love the light furniture pieces against the dark wall. Not that I could do that in my apartment, given the paint situation, but it’s still a great idea for that distant day when I actually own a home.


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