You Voted: July Cooking Project Winner! And Some Peeptastic Pictures.


Meet the Peeps Artists Party at Artomatic

Apparently lots of us live in apartments that lack decent air conditioning, because you guys voted for “Summer dishes that won’t heat up your kitchen” as the focus of my July cooking project. While I don’t have a recipe for you today (too busy finishing up that farmer’s market haul – and all of that requires some kind of sautée/roasting action), I do have some pictures from Artomatic last Saturday. Don’t worry – next week I’ll begin the project properly – and I promise that I won’t just do endless salad variations (well . . . maybe one).

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Meet the Peeps Artists party last Saturday – and thanks to Artomatic for throwing the shindig. It was great to meet such wonderful, creative, talented and resourceful people – I learned new techniques for making peeps’ clothes, choosing a diorama topic, and making fake blood (hint: it involves Elmer’s glue and ink from a red pen). I was also amazed at the level of detail in the dioramas – the photos really don’t do them justice a lot of the time. Pics from the evening, and some of my favorite dioramas, below.


The peeps scene. Note the giant peep on the left.


Seeing "Charm City Roller Peeps vs. D.C. Roller Peeps" in person blew me away - the level of detail is amazing (just look at that background, and at the elaborate outfits).


A detail from "Peepsters Kill Room." I love the sinister lighting.


A peep on a wire.


"A Very Peeps Passover" is one of the dioramas that was even more stunning in person.


I ate that peep right after this photo was taken.



  1. Uncle Mike said

    About that last photo – are you confessing to peepicide?

    • moderndomestic said

      Honestly, it felt a little cannibalistic. I had spent so much time and energy with those peeps – they were almost like peeple to me.

  2. Nycole said


    It was great meeting you at the Peeps Party.

    Keep in touch.


    • moderndomestic said

      It was great meeting you too!

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