Weekly Roundup: Domestic Homecoming Edition


My new ottoman, purchased at Target for a mere $25. How much do I love decorating a new place!

Good morning ModernDomestic readers. Can I just say that it feel really good to be back here? Because it does. Blogging has turned out to be as soothing to the soul as Busy Day Cake.

Recipes I want to try:

  • Pesto from the Arugula Files. I would serve it on roast pork or chicken – a nice change from pesto on pasta, especially for those of us with wheat sensitivities.
  • Freezer jam from The Bitten Word. What a brilliant way to use excess fruit!
  • Strawberry panna cotta, from the New York Times.

And in non-recipe-related news:

  • Gradually Greener wonders if the Real World DC cast will make use of the fresh herbs growing outside their house. I certainly hope so!
  • DC Foodies has a preview of the new documentary Food Inc, which criticizes the industrial food production complex. I am totally excited about this movie, and am planning on going this weekend with Nonna and some ladies.
  • Given my three week break from all things Internet, I didn’t find out until this week that Lemmonex is on a hiatus as well. Sad. She came back with a post this week, but who knows when the full break will be over.
  • I really enjoyed the Tipsy Baker’s post about the ethics and economics of fish buying. Thank God someone else is saying it – a lot of us can’t afford to buy the “sustainable” salmon for $25/pound. No matter how much better it is for the earth.
  • Capital Spice looks inside the new Eastern Market, which is set to reopen next weekend.

Happy Friday!



  1. Alice said

    So, I’m actually with the bloggers on not buying farmed salmon. After dating a salmon researcher in the PNW for a while, I learned a fair amount about the practices that create farmed Altantic salmon, and I view them like hotdogs now: a tasty treat but not something to pursue, and kind of icky. I don’t really want to buy a fish that has been dyed pink.

    That being said, I would *never* spend $25 on a pound of fish on my budget, that’s just stupid. The only affordable alternative I’ve found is a frozen package of 4 small wild pacific salmon steaks for $10 at my local grocery. All salmon you’ll get in stores out here is frozen anyway, so that part didn’t bother me, and the price is very do-able.

  2. Bonnie said

    Love that ottoman. The new place looks great. Love the finished hardwood floors and big windows. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the place. Hope we’ll be getting decorating updates and photos on the blog.

  3. Joellen said

    I agree with Bonnie- please update us on the process of decorating your apartment. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. Um, I am ridiculously jealous of that damask ottoman.

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