Weekly Roundup: Three Day Weekend Edition


A three day weekend couldn't come sooner.

It’s almost memorial day weekend – a four-day weekend for Wonk the Plank and I – and I couldn’t be more excited. We’re driving to Ohio to watch my little brother graduate from Oberlin, and I can’t wait to see my family and get out of the city. Hopefully I’ll be back with a post on Tuesday, but I’m not promising anything.

First off, some thanks. You guys have given me wonderful ideas for next month’s baking project. Really, really wonderful ideas that I never would have thought of myself. If you still want to get your two cents in, just let me know in the comments of the post.

Recipes I want to try:

  • The Bitten Word cooks up arugula and fava bean crostini for a party to say goodbye to the Master Chorale of Washington. Wonk the Plank and I were at the final performance, and it was indeed a sad day.
  • Lemmonex makes black and blue burgers, with beef, sausage, onions, Worcestershire , garlic, balsamic vinegar, and blue cheese. I can’t think of anything better to put on the grill. Now if only we had a grill. Or a backyard.
  • The Tipsy Baker makes an arugula, cherry, goat cheese and bread salad from Molly Wizenberg’s (aka Orangette) A Homemade Life. Lovely, and perfect for your Memorial Day weekend.

And in other news:

  • This video on how a New York Times photographer created a photo of an exploding pie for the Times Magazine is the most fascinating thing I’ve watched all week. No, really.
  • More proof that Top Chef isn’t the best measure of cooking talent: check out the City Paper’s look into the disastrous results of Andy Shallal’s  search for a chef for his new restaurant, Eatonville. The Busboys and Poets owner decided that he would find the chef for the Zora-Neal Hurston-themed restaurant via a Top Chef-style cooking competition. But things didn’t go exactly as planned.
  • Young and Hungry has a follow-up piece on Trent Conry, former executive chef at my beloved Ardeo, who was kicked out of Shallal’s  contest early on, despite his excellent cooking skills.
  • Orangette (aka, Molly Wizenberg of the cherry salad above) is taking some time away from the blog. Sad.
  • Apartment Therapy DC review Sixteen Fifty Nine Mid Century Modern, one of those very intimidating stores in Georgetown. I think I’m still scared to go in there.

Happy Friday!



  1. Alice said

    What is your picture of?

  2. moderndomestic said

    It’s the inside of a popover I made back in January.

  3. Alice said

    It looks like a blasted up something from a video game. Or a gateway to hell. Cool either way.

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