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A crossroads?

Things have been pretty exhausting around here. Wonk the Plank lost his job and is exploring a lot of options – some of which involve moving away from DC. It’s exciting for him to look for new stuff, and I’m filled with pride to watch him move onward and upward. But some days the stress and uncertainty make me want to crawl under a rock and sleep for the next decade.

Which is why I’m asking for some help. June is nearly upon us and I have no ideas for my June baking/cooking project. Usually at about this time I’m brainstorming away, but this month I don’t have it in me.

I also don’t really know if people find them helpful – does anyone besides me want four recipes for pound cake?

So I want your feedback. Is this interesting to anyone but me? Do you have any ideas for my next baking projects? Is anyone desperate to master, say, macarons, and would like a recipe tester? Is there anyone desperate for recipes that use a specific ingredient, like berries or fresh fruit or chocolate? I’m open to everything and anything.

Depending on what ya’ll say, I’ll be posting a poll to help me narrow down my baking project options next week.

Thanks in advance for you help. But no, really. Thank you.



  1. kaydee said

    I’m very interested in baked savory goods. Like savory souffles and savory waffles (less a fan of savory waffles personally). How to get veggies in savory dishes- how to get the most veggies in your veggie souffle? I like veggies and I like baking (trying to watch my waistline I’m trying to take it easy on the sweets which is difficult!)

    • moderndomestic said

      Ha, yes, the sweets kill me too. This is a good idea – I wouldn’t have thought of going this route.

  2. I think you mentioned you aren’t on the bacon cupcake bandwagon, but I am SO intrigued by them. I never bake but I really want to try these.

    • moderndomestic said

      That is BRILLIANT! NEVER would have thought of this. Great idea.

  3. Rebecca said

    i posted on your facebook page but to reiterate. I’d love a month of casseroles. they are comfort food and inexpensive. When you reach a crossroads, it’s nice to have something familiar.

    • moderndomestic said

      I like this idea – but it may be kind of hot for casseroles, at least in June. We have window air conditioning units in our place, but there’s none in the kitchen, so turning on the oven means it gets roasting in there. Still, this would work well for the lunches . . . maybe I could save this for October’s project?

      • rebecca said

        fair enough… or you could combine casseroles with my favorite kitchen tool… the crock pot! The perfect summer buddy for delicious foods without heating up the whole kitchen. Plus it cooks all day and when you come home the house smells yummy.

  4. Martha said

    I really enjoy reading about your baking projects! Recipes using summer fruits would be great. I always pick up beautiful stuff at the farmer’s market and just end up serving it with whipped cream or ice cream because I’m too lazy/unimaginative to do anything fancy with it. I am planning on making the ginger-crust mascarpone tarts – they look fabulous and really easy!

    • moderndomestic said

      Tell me how the tarts go! I want to know if it works for other people.

      Hmm, seasonality is a good thing. My sister suggested something similar.

  5. Alice said

    I like the casserole idea! Or a price limit baked good – like under $20 per dish. Or, making stuff out of what you have, maybe put a limit on how many new ingredients you can get?

    • moderndomestic said

      Oooh, that is also a good idea. Well, considering the Wonk may be soon out of a job, a price limit is a good idea in any event.

  6. Joellen said

    I second Rebecca’s casserole idea. I’ve never tried making them and would love to cook vicariously through you. 🙂

    • moderndomestic said

      I’ve never made a casserole either, although Wonk made one for me once. I’m glad you like the projects!

  7. anita said

    just discovered your blog via washpost — love it! an idea is for easy summer dishes that don’t heat up your kitchen (and not salads, pls)… 🙂

    • moderndomestic said

      Hi Anita – so glad you like the blog! That is an excellent idea, especially – as I mentioned above – I have no air conditioning in my kitchen! So if I use the oven in the summer it gets really, really hot in our apartment.

  8. […] off, some thanks. You guys have given me wonderful ideas for next month’s baking project. Really, really wonderful ideas that I never would have thought of myself. If you still want to get […]

  9. Regarding the baking in a hot summer kitchen, I just read a bit here about baking a boule on a gas grill!

  10. I like the casserole idea too… Or perhaps a Jell-O theme since it’s summer (and I love Jell-O). Since it’s garage sale season as well, perhaps you could dust off some old recipe books and give the gems inside a modern twist!

  11. […] As I wrote back in May, I was tapped out of ideas for my summer baking/cooking projects. We’ll, ya’ll had some great ideas for my next cooking adventure, and now it’s time to put it to a vote. Cast your vote below! Will July be filled with summer fruits, weird cupcakes, or souffles? Only you hold the answer. I’ll be announcing the results next week. View This Pollpolling […]

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