Consumer Alert: Do Not Buy These Carrots

Do Not Buy These Carrots

These carrots suck.

Do not buy the five pound bag of organic carrots at Giant.

Repeat: do not buy the five pound bag of organic carrots at Giant.

Do not be tempted by the cheap price.

Do not be tempted by the “organic” label.

If you do not heed this warning, you may end up with carrots that have tough, sharp, hay-like fibers in their centers.

These fibers will not cook away.

Not even if you put them in soup and simmer them for several hours.

These fibers will mean that you will be forced to throw out the entire batch of Moroccan soup that you intended to take for lunch all week.

These carrots will leave you feeling bitter and cheated.

Avoid these carrots at all cost.



  1. What a drag!

  2. deborahdawn said

    Thanks for the heads up regarding these heinous offendors. Bad carrots!

  3. Alice said

    Ew. What does that?

    • moderndomestic said

      I don’t know. I want to do some internet sleuthing to find out.

  4. Bonnie said

    I would take them back to the store. That’s the only way they know how bad their products are.

    • moderndomestic said

      Wonk LOVES take inferior produce back to the store, so I may enlist him to do that. I am always too shy.

  5. […] Domestic issues a public service announcement on carrots.     Frito Lays has is launching an interesting new campaign in an effort to hitch […]

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