Weekly Roundup: DC Gossip Edition

Red Tulips

More tulips near the Wardman Park Mariott. Before this week's rain ripped all the petals off the flowers.

I posted this photo to remind you that, in fact, it used to be spring in DC. It used to be sunny. Not that you would know this from our solid week of rain and insane thunder storms. Hopefully this weekend is supposed to be nicer. I can only hope. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Recipes I want to try:

  • Hibiscus Mimosas from The Kitchn. Actually, I feel that any time is mimosa time, but having a good recipe would give me an excuse to buy the sparkling wine.

And in non-recipe news:

  • Young and Hungry has a follow up piece on the challenges of the commercial bread  business.
  • Lemmonex defends the DC Dining scene, by way of the fabulous lunch deal at Proof. The only time Wonk the Plank tried and I to go there these really snotty girls stole our table, and we haven’t wanted to go back. Maybe this will convince me to give it another try.
  • The Tipsy Baker, aka writer Jennifer Reese, is not so hot on David Tanis’ cookbook A Platter of Figs. How bad do I feel now that I got this for my mother for Christmas! Reese’s blog, by the way, is my latest favorite internet discovery. Great writing, commentary, and recipes.
  • Spike Mendelsohn (that’s Top Chef Season Four Spike of the crazy hats) is on a roll – first he’s going to open a pizzeria, now he’s going to open a Greek restaurant next to Good Stuff Eatery. But before he opens two new restaurants, could he fix the fries at Good Stuff? Because last time I ate there they were unconscionably soggy. Via Capital Spice’s DC TV Chef’s Roundup.
  • The Metro may start selling food. Um, but you still can’t eat food on the metro. Maybe they want to increase revenues by handing out more tickets for eating food on the Metro? Via We Love DC.

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