Weekly Roundup: Top Chef Controversy Continues

WSJ Wines

February 28th was "Open That Bottle Night." Did you pop a cork on anything special?

Good morning Modern Domestic readers! Can you believe it’s Monday yet again?

  • But wait, there’s more Top Chef drama! The Best Bites piece linked to this SideDish article, where Casey Thompson (Carla’s sous-chef and past Top Chef Contestant) has harsh words about Carla’s cooking. Like, really harsh words. Wow, is someone still bitter about her horrific loss in Season Three?
  • Do you have a bottle of wine that you’re saving for a special occasion, except that no occasion ever seems special enough? That’s why Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, the Wall Street Journal’s wine critics, invented Open That Bottle Night.” Each February 28th, the famous duo opens one of those “special” wines with their friends and family –  because, after all, wine is meant to be enjoyed, not to gather dust on a shelf. Terry Gross interviews John and Dottie about the 10th anniversary of Open That Bottle Night on NPR’s Fresh Air.
  • If you’re interested in branding and marketing, you’ve probably noticed that Tropicana rebranded it’s orange juice — except the new “brand” is so boring it looks like it belongs to a generic. The Kitchn alerted me to this New York Times article: Tropicana is rolling back all the new branding. Wow, maybe because it sucks? Boy am I glad that I don’t work at the marketing firm that put that little project together.


  1. I can understand Casey being upset about Top Chef’s edit of her into a kitchen saboteur. However, her article makes it seem that Carla is incapable of cooking. If so- then how was she able to win the other challenges all on her own? Casey, being honest about what happened is fine, but spare us the hate.

    And PS- how did that HORRIBLE Tropicana make it through focus groups! It looks not only generic, but medicinal!

    • moderndomestic said

      I guess my problem with Casey is that Carla has gone out of her way too say that her loss was her fault – not Casey’s. Carla has taken full responsibility for her loss in the media. So it’s just in such poor taste for Casey to totally bash Carla’s cooking, when Carla has been trying to shield Casey from criticism.

  2. TD said

    Before judging, please visit this link which was deleted by Sidedish.


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