Christmas Cards: A Study in Domestic Ineffectiveness.

Christmas Card

These Christmas Cards languished in my cupboard for more than a year.

At this point, some of this blogs’ regular readership should have received holiday cards from WonkthePlank and I. If you didn’t, please accept my apologies – we ran out of cards. What you don’t know is that those cards weren’t meant to be sent out in January 2009. They were meant to be sent out in December 2007.

As you can probably tell my work habits . . . well, they need some work. My temperament is one part creativity, one part impulsivity, and two parts inability to think things through, sprinkled with a dash of procrastination. It’s a particularly deadly combination when it comes to home improvement.

Christmas 2007 was a great example of how my big ideas don’t gel with my poor work habits. In October of that year I had the grandiose notion that I was going to hand-make all my Christmas cards. I failed to recognize just how much work this would take. I bought the materials in November, and then spent every spare moment I could in December cutting, gluing, and griping to Wonktheplank about my tendency to procrastinate.

My original idea had been to do a series of cards, all with different designs, all tailored for their specific recipients. Then I decided that, since I couldn’t buy that many materials, they’d all be made out of the same blue, green or red card stock, with different designs. And then, as time pressed on, I decided to do a standard design – a colorful background glued onto a cardstock card, topped with a cut-out of holiday-themed shape.

I finished them in mid-December or so, and I could have sent them out before New Years – late, but still technically in the “Holiday Season.” But what did I do? I gave up. I was exhausted, and I was about to go back to my parent’s house in Oregon for Christmas, and I didn’t want to take the three hours to find addresses, write notes, and send them out.

All last year Wonktheplank would tease me about the cards. “When are you going to send those out?” he would ask in February. “Those cards still in that cabinet?” he’d query in August. The only reply would be stony silence. “Thank God we have all those cards ready for this year,” he would say in November.

And then – and this is the worst part – this year I did the same thing! I think I was so embarrassed that I didn’t send them out last year that I didn’t want to think about it. In fact, the only reason why we sent them out this year is that he forced me to sit down one Monday evening in January and start looking up addresses of our friends and family. It was a forced march, and I was annoyed with him every step of the way.

I was glad that we ended up sending them out, and that they’ve finally found their way out of my cupboard and into the homes of our friends. And as for next year? Will I have learned from my mistakes and just buy the damn things? I hope so.

But a particularly inspiring trip to the Paper Source could throw that whole plan out the window.



  1. Joellen said

    Just so you know, I loved the holiday card! I had no idea that they were meant for 2007 and was impressed with your creativity. My holiday cards are never that well thought out!

  2. Kayanna said

    ooh! you should send one to me! 🙂
    but you can wait until you have really nothing else to do but write little notes. that might come up soon…you never know…

  3. Joanne said

    Ooooh, I didn’t know you were a fellow cardmaker!!! I love paper crafts, I made all our wedding invitations :o)

  4. Did the wedding guests get the invitations before or after the actual wedding?

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