Weekly Roundup: Can This Furniture Store Be Saved?

Domino Cover

Domino is closing! Domino is closing!

Good morning MondernDomestic readers! Here’s domestic news from the internets to accompany your Monday morning coffee.

Domino Is Done For

  • No! The rumors are true! My beloved Domino, the hip and stylish home-decor magazine, is closing its doors. The last issue will be in March. Read more and commiserate over at Design*Sponge.

Carla and Spike Party Top-Chef Style

Sugar and Champagne Wrap-Up

Desperation Hits Home Furnishings Market

  • Wow, so those increasingly desperate sale emails I’ve been receiving from The Pottery Barn aren’t just an isolated trend for home decor stores. The New York Times has an excellent piece on how the home furnishings market has collapsed in the economic downturn.

Delleicious DC Checks Out Red Velvet Cupcakery



  1. Joanne said

    Um, so does this mean I can ignore the subscription payment requests from Domino? So sad to see it go.

  2. moderndomestic said

    According to some blogs, Conde Naste is sending Lucky Magazine in the place of Domino (for subscribes who just renewed their subscriptions). To me that’s such a weird substitution – like, why not send Elle Decor?

    I kind of want to get ReadyMade now that Domino has bit the dust. Although Wonk already thinks I get too many magazine subscriptions . . .

  3. […] with. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be Teen Vogue, since they replaced my Domino subscription with Glamor (i.e., the magazine that makes me sad to be a […]

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