Traveling With Cake


Chocolate Cake on the Metro.

I don’t have a good baked good transportation system. Our Tupperware collection is small, and I lack a container large enough to transport a dozen cupcakes, let alone a layer cake. Wonktheplank and I have had some harrowing experiences transporting dozens of cupcakes on public transportation that threatened to slip off their plates.

But in spite of these perils, I always enjoy transporting my creations because they get such good compliments and appreciative stares of my fellow Metro passengers. I also force Wonktheplank to be my cake-bearer, so I usually don’t have to carry the stuff myself.


My cake-bearer, Wonktheplank.

This weekend we had an especially fun time traveling with a chocolate cake that was destined for a post-concert party. I didn’t cover the cake with anything, after I messed up some of my Hanukkah cupcakes when I covered them in plastic wrap. The cake itself wasn’t exactly a success (too much oil in the cake, too much sour cream in the chocolate frosting), but the excited Inauguration tourists sure seemed to like it.

One tourist said that he couldn’t believe we were taking the uncovered cake on the Metro, as though cake transportation were a daring feat. Another couple in the Capitol South station did a double take at the cake and called out to Wontheplank, “Did you make that?” “She did,” Wonk replied, gesturing to me. Other passengers just stared, hungrily, at the appealing chocolate color and my rather messy decorating job.

Considering the response, I wonder what would have happened if I had brought Obama cupcakes on the Metro? I think I’m going to have to try that in 2013.


The Lincoln memorial on Inaguration day. In 2013 maybe I'll bring some Obama cupcakes down to the Mall for the swearing in.



  1. elpisandjustice said

    I appreciated the effort. After not only carrying a life size cardboard cut out of Obama, but also a plate of red velvet revolution Obama cupcakes to your house, I can understand the risks you took to bring us the cake.

    PS- I thought it was delicious

  2. early bird said

    You went! I’m so glad you went. And the cake does look delicious even if it didn’t turn out perfect on the palette.

    I think you need a cake caddy:

    And a cupcake caddy:

    Just in case one of those hungry tourists forgets to hold on to something when the train stops suddenly. Then you have a Tom and Jerry show on your hands.

  3. Joanne said

    Your cake looks like all kinds of goodness. In general, I bring cakes to work in one of those Sterlite cake holders, but it does take up a lot of space. I compensate, by putting my springforms and such in there when its not being used. By chance, I went to work with a cake today!!! However, I did not bake it, it was a King Cake from Haydel’s in New Orleans. A little early for such a treat, but it was worth it since it was stuffed with cream cheese. Fortunately, King Cakes come somewhat carrier friendly in a plastic bag and cardboard. After the plane ride and the metro ride, the cake looked a little rough, the yellow and green blended into a military green, but it was still delicious. Gary’s cousin made amazing Obama cupcakes, but I forgot to take a picture. She had some sort of fancy word for the icing, I don’t remember what it was, but it was sugary cream deliciousness. Did I tell you that she majors in culinary arts with a concentration in pastry? Anyway, after that cupcake, the baby was on a super sugar high and used my stomach as a moon bounce :o)

  4. moderndomestic said

    Early Bird – ooh, I like those. So much more professional than what I have now. Maybe I’ll put those on the birthday list.

    Joanne, ooh, I want to see Gary’s cousin’s creations! They sound amazing.

  5. moderndomestic said

    Elpis – did you really like that cake? I liked the texture, but I hated the taste of the oil. I kind of wondered if my oil was rancid or something, because the smell was so potent. Also, I liked the tangy chocolate icing in theory, but in practice it was just too tangy. It was disappointing, because both of those recipes are from the new BakeWise cookbook, and it’s supposed to be amazing! I think I’m going back to the Cake Bible for my next cake.

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