DC Restaurant Scene in the News

Sushi Taro

How will DC restaurants fare under the new Administration?

Photo courtesy of Daquella Manera, via flickr under the Creative Commons license.

The New York Times has an interesting write-up on the DC Dining scene in Wednesday’s Food section. In a refreshing turn of events, the Times didn’t focus on the swanky restaurants that most of my peers can’t afford to visit, but the restaurant revival in neighborhoods like Petworth, U Street, Columbia Heights, and H Street. It’s a thoughtful piece that reflects a type of DC’s food world that can fly under the radar of DC’s big-name celebrity-chef restaurants.

The Times also has a piece that speculates on how the Obama Administration will change the DC restaurant scene (right now, it looks promising for Cork and Hook).

And if you think that getting to the Inauguration will be crazy, it’s nothing compared with what restaurants will be dealing with as they try to serve massive amounts of customers this weekend. According to this Washington Post piece, Clyde’s of Gallery Place will be open 18 hours a day this weekend. And the Penn Quarter Teaism is planning on blowing up air mattresses to house their staff overnight, in case the pedestrian lockdown will prevent staff from getting to work on time. Just reading about this makes me want to spend the day in front of my TV, far from the crowds.


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