Are Cupcakes the Most Hated Fad Of 2008?


Are cupcakes on the way out?

Maybe it was the Washington Post Cupcake Wars that did it, but it seems like something has turned the DC Foodie world against cupcakes. Commenters over at the Washingtonian’s Best Bites blog are having a cupcake-hate fest. Best Bites asked its readers what their favorite, or least favorite, DC Dining trend was for 2008, which unleashed a tide of comments saying that everyone’s “over” the cupcake craze.

I can’t tell if this is because people just don’t like something that’s trendy, or if they’re offended by the whole concept. I mean, I bet if someone offered up a fresh cupcake to one of those commenters, most of them would take it.

Still, this got me thinking about some of my own favorite and least fads in the food, design, and home cooking world. Granted, I have limited knowledge of all three, but here are some of the trends that I’m kind of sick of myself:

  • The transformation (now almost entirely complete) of the Food Network from a station that focused on chefs and cooking to one that is entirely dominated by Rachel-Ray knock-offs.
  • The way all the Top Chef contestants just seem to be milder, washed-out versions of past contestants.
  • The fact that all these wonderful design blogs that I like so much have so many entries I can’t actually read them.

Okay, there are more, but it’s a new year and I want to begin on a more positive note.

What about you? What were your favorite (or least favorite) domestic trends in 2008?


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