Fall-Themed Wedding Cake

Kate's Wedding Cake 1

A Fall-Themed Wedding Cake, complete with little pumpkins!

Wonktheplank and I have had a windfall of weddings to attend in the past few weeks, which means that I’ve been sizing up my fair share of wedding cakes. It’s been an interesting little cake-journey, and has given me some ideas about different types of cakes that I’d like to try out in the future (which is possible now that the ModernDomestic Presidential Cookie Bake-Off is over. My goodness did that take up a lot of baking time and stamina!).

Last week, we attended a really beautiful wedding of WonkthePlank’s cousin, which took place in an old mansion outside of Philadelphia. The mansion was stunning, the food was stunning and, of course, the cake was just breathtaking.

Katie's Wedding Cake 2

Another view of the cake, which was on display in the mansion's sunroom, where they had the ceremony.

The wedding was fall-themed (which makes sense, since it took place in early November), and the cake was appropriately festive and autumnal. I especially like the little pumpkin and leaf details, which contrasted beautifully against the chocolate frosting.

Kate's Cake Detail 2

Those leaves look good enough to eat. And they were.

I couldn’t figure out if the cake was oil-based or butter-based; most of the butter cakes that I’ve had tend to be very solid, whereas this cake was extremely light and fluffy. I think the chocolate frosting was a buttercream made with powdered sugar; it was sweet and light, with a rich chocolate flavor. The best part of the cake was the peanut-butter filling — I don’t know if it was a peanut butter mousse or a peanut butter frosting, but whatever it was it was delicious.

Kate's Cake - Destroyed

A cake layer, after the slicing has begun. I think they used big straws as supports for the layers—you can just make out the tops of the straws in the photo.

As we left the wedding they handed out slices of the wedding cake to the departing guest. I think we were supposed to save the slices for home or something, but WonkthePlank and I ended up devouring at the hotel bar later that night. Which only goes to show that it was some really, really good cake.



  1. I don’t remember eating the cake…all I remember is the white pizza.

  2. moderndomestic said

    Ohhhhh dear. You don’t remember devouring them at the bar, and then leaving the really messy plastic wrap for the server to clean up? I feel kind of bad about that now . . .

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