Election Day Obama Cupcakes

Obama Cupcake - Single

Cupcakes we can believe in.

In DC, election day is kind of like the World Series, the Olympics,and Christmas morning, all rolled into one. Every one in DC has been talking about the 2008 election since, well, the 2004 election was over.

So, in honor of my chosen candidate (Barack Obama), I created my very own Obama Cupcakes. I decided that traditional flavors suited this candidate best who, really, is running on as down-home a platform as there ever was (lower taxes for the middle class, better education, sensible foreign policy, reaching accross the aisle).

Obama Cupcakes

These cupcakes are for change!

And what’s more traditional than the classic pairing of vanilla and chocolate? I used Rose Levy-Beranbaum’s Perfect All-American Chocolate Butter Cake recipe (so appropriate!), which yielded 18 chocolate cupcakes. For the frosting, I used this vanilla frosting recipe from the Magnolia Bakery in NYC. I actually thought that the cake came out a little on the dry side, and the frosting was slightly grainy—it didn’t have that silken smooth texture that I’m constantly seeking in a frosting. My quest for the perfect frosting continues.

But despite their flaws, these cupcakes were still enjoyed by all. So happy election day everyone! Now go vote!

Obama Cupcakes - Plate

A plateful of Obama-supporting cupcakes. Don't these make you want to go vote?



  1. This is great!!! I love it! Yes, we can.

  2. Rebecca said

    I’m curious, what did instrument did you use to apply the frosting to the cupcakes? They look much neater than mine.

  3. moderndomestic said

    I made a fake piping bag from a plastic bag. You just stuff in the frosting, seal the bag, and then cut off a corner for a modified piping tip. It’s easy! Although some day I want a real piping bag or, at least, a real set of piping tips. That’s how you make the fancy designs and stuff.

  4. Bobbie said

    You want to be sure when making the icing that you beat it forever!! Also be sure to sift your sugar. The milk gets added at the end (which is hard on a mixer). Did you use a stand mixer or a hand mixer?

  5. moderndomestic said

    Hey Bobbie-sweet, thanks for the tips! I will definitely beat it longer (but how long is long? What kind of consistency am I looking for). I also did not sift the sugar but can definitely do that next time. I used a stand mixer, so the long beating time isn’t a problem.

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  7. […] the response, I wonder what would have happened if I had brought Obama cupcakes on the Metro? I think I’m going to have to try that in 2013. The Lincoln memorial on […]

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