Happy Halloween!

Halloween Table

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween ModernDomestic readers! I hope that everyone will be out doing something to celebrate the holiday tonight. I plan on sitting outside our apartment building and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters with my coworker and Wonktheplank (later, we’ll possibly be checking out the insanity that will be Adams Morgan, mostly to see which drunk 22-year-old has the sluttiest outfit. We’ll see how we feel).

We had a couple people over last weekend to watch Rosemary’s Baby, eat cupcakes, and drink some Octoberfest brews. Wonktheplank and I had an awesome time putting together Halloween decorations for our apartment. In fact, I’m so proud of our little projects that I had to share them with you.

Wonktheplank watched about 10 minutes of Saw II last weekend on cable, and was inspired to create an elaborate torture device for my stuffed hippo out of kitchen utensils. It involved ice dripping through a strainer, which collected in a container, which rested on a see-saw, which (when it was heavy enough), flipped a trap door, which the hippo fell through and hung himself. It wasn’t even funny how much Wonktheplank enjoyed coming up with this creation, although I felt bad for my poor hippo, who never did anything to deserve such a fate.

Hippo Torture Device

Hippo awaits his doom in the Saw-inspired torture device.

Hippo awaits his fate.

Hippo Awaits His Fate

Hippo's final moments.

I also made some less sadistic decorations, which capitalized on my vast supply of Ikea Grono lamps. I cut designs out of paper, and then placed the paper inside the lamp, creating a neat effect. I put the jack-o-lantern and bat lamps on our table:

Halloween Tablescape

My scary lamps, decorative gourds, and candles. The bats (right) are hard to make out in the picture, but I think they were appropriately bat-like in person.

I put scary-face lamps on top of our television cabinet.

Faces on the Cabinets

More scary lamps.

I also made a bunch of scary eyes out of art paper, and pasted them all over the apartment. I was especially pleased with the eyes on a mirror in our living room.

Eyes on the Mirror

These eyes are watching you.

That’s all. Happy Halloween everyone!


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