Washington Post Cupcake Wars: Epic Georgetown Cupcake vs. Hello Cupcake Battle

Whoo hoo! It’s here! The big match-up between DC’s newest cupcake joints that you just knew had to be coming!

That’s right, The Washington Post’s Cupcake Wars pitted Hello Cupcake against Georgetown Cupcake last week, a head-to-head match-up of the area’s two new hottest cupcake establishments. Considering that both of these bakeries have gotten considerable press coverage (including my own review of Hello Cupcake, which I loved), this was a much anticipated Cupcake Wars installment in the DC food world.

The Post actually liked the cupcakes from both establishments, which was a first for the Cupcake Wars (throughout the series, Post testers have taken a sort of sadistic pleasure in bashing the cupcakes from various bakeries). But it was Georgetown Cupcake that won out, which makes me think that I need to make a pilgrimage to Georgetown.

Perhaps those Post testers are sick of cupcakes at this point, but they were at a bit of a loss to describe what they loved so much about Georgetown Cupcake. They singled out the Chocolate Squared cupcake as their favorite, praising the intense chocolate-flavored cake and fudgy frosting. But most of their praise was in the abstract. Apparently Georgetown Cupcake’s products are “creamy,” “bright,” and “sensational.” Well, I suppose I have to try them, but I’m not quite sure why.

The Post testers thought that, overall, Hello Cupcake had some very good offerings; testers praised the tender cakes and soft, if sweet, frostings. The Post especially liked the You Tart lemon cupcake, which had an excellent balance of sugar and lemon. But it was the Vanilla Gorilla, a banana cupcake with vanilla frosting, that testers thought was the best of the bunch. Hello Cupcake lost points with the Maya Favorite Cupcake, a cinnamon-chocolate cupcake paired with a hot-pepper-spiced chocolate ganache frosting. The testers found that the pepper flakes completely overpowered the rest of the cupcake and was just too spicy. Did they try the Peppermint Penny, I wonder? Because I thought it was absolutely dreamy.

There’s only one more week of the Cupcake Wars, and lord only know where they’ll end up next. They’ve now gone to every cupcake joint that I’ve heard of. Like I said before, if they need more cupcakes to sample, I’d be more than happy to supply a few. Let’s just see where the desperation will take them.



  1. Elena said

    I’m glad that the Post had a little attitude adjustment. I don’t support dissing local entrepreneurs, but constructive criticism is always welcome. Georgetown Cupcake’s minimalist seasonal pumpkin spice cupcake is amazing. The maple cream cheese frosting really makes it! Hello Cupcake’s peanut butter blossom, peppermint penny, and coconut offerings are not only delicious, but dolled up for our inner child. However, I do think that they need to sample moderndomestic’s treats pronto!

  2. moderndomestic said

    I’ve told you that I feel like DC is really a town of haters, and the Cupcake Wars are an excellent example of this. Maybe it’s because people move here with dreams of changing the world, only to find out that they are tiny cogs in a giant wheel of mediocrity and ineptitude that is impervious to reform, driving DCites to channel their frustration into hating on local cupcake joints. Who knows.

    In any event, I totally want to go to Georgetown Cupcake now. I love pumpkin dessert items and those spice cupcakes sound delicious!

  3. […] Considering that Post testers only went gaga over one cupcake establishment during this whole eight-week saga, I wasn’t surprised that they named Georgetown Cupcake the out-right winner. After all, Post testers really ripped on the cupcakes they tested throughout the Cupcakes Wars, but Georgetown Cupcake stunned them into silence (and a really vague review). […]

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