How To Make An Egg Carton Jewelry Box (That You Can Actually Display To the Public)

Finished Box on the Dresser

The finished box, out on the dresser.

Buying a real jewelry box has never been high on my list of priorities—mostly because I don’t own very nice jewelry (the one exception is a necklace that wonktheplank bought me for Christmas last year that I just adore). So while it makes sense to invest in a heavy, velvet-lined case for one’s diamonds and pearls, there is no such need for my sterling silver and plastic.

But recently, my makeshift system of jewelry storage—heaping piles of jewelry into little bowls—started driving me crazy. The necklaces got all tangled up, I could never find what I was looking for, they gathered dust like you would not believe, and my shelf was starting to look really cluttered.

At first I contemplated storing my jewelry in egg cartons, as they already have built-in compartments, and some friends reported that they were happy with that method. It sounded like a reasonable idea, except that I live in a pretty small space, and I didn’t want to have the egg cartons sitting out on my dresser—it’s an even worse aesthetic choice than the little heaping jewelry bowls.

So I decided to go the craft route and make myself a jewelry box. I bought a box from Paper Source the last time I was in Georgetown, and bought some awesome bee-themed paper to wrap it up in.

The Bee Paper

I adore this bee paper!

Rather than breaking out the glue stick I used spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the box, which worked extremely well. The paper stuck perfectly—no air bubbles, dry spots, or wrinkles to be found. I lined the box with cloth (this did not work as well and next time I would measure my cloth more carefully—but hey, it’s the inside!), and trimmed the edges of the inside with strips of orange paper.

Empty Box

The decorated, but empty, box.

Then I took an egg carton and sliced it up into little strips. I had to trim down the excess cardboard between the compartments so they’d all fit in the box. I tucked them in snugly . . .

Egg Carton Section

Egg carton strips.

. . . and whoila!

Finished Box

The finished box, complete with jewelry.

A jewelry box, complete with twelve little spaces for jewelry and necklaces, that is still cute enough that I can set it out on the dresser.

Maybe I’ll want something fancier if I ever randomly inherit a bunch of really nice jewelry, but for right now this perfectly suits my needs.



  1. alice said

    I like… I’m thinking of making a holder to hang my earrings on out of that plastic mesh stuff from craft stores and a frame. Hanging an old scarf just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

  2. moderndomestic said

    I like it! Sometimes you just have to step up the jewelry organization. It feels so good to have all those stupid little bowls off of my shelves!

  3. Meg said

    that is a really good idea. I also have very little jewelry but what I have I adore and need a good/cheap way to store it! that is also something I can pull off, despite my lack of craftyness

  4. Trekkie said

    I can’t wait to make one what a cute idea. I love the bee paper. Tell wonktheplank to call me if he needs any tips for jewelry shopping.

  5. moderndomestic said

    Hah, I’ll let Mr. Plank know that you’re available for Jewelry tips. Always a good resource to have on hand.

  6. kekek said

    simple, useful and beautiful 🙂

  7. jade said

    I’ve been looking for ways to make a big jewelry box, and the egg carton trick is great!

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