Failure In the Pastry Supply Chain

I have a problem. It’s a supply-chain problem. And it’s currently taking the form of a plate of uneaten peach tartlets sitting in my refrigerator.

As you know, I really like to bake. There’s nothing better than spending the bulk of a Saturday working on a really complicated recipe (puff pastry is a particularly satisfying weekend baking activity). But sometimes I tend to, ahem, overindulge this passion, and I end up with baked goods that I really have no intention of eating.

Hence the tray of peach tartlets sitting in my refrigerator. Who knows if they will actually be eaten, given that I doubt I have the stamina or metabolism to consume them all, and wonktheplank is going on a bit of a detox after an epic camping trip he went on this weekend. Of course, my health-conscious coworkers would kill me for bringing them in, and wonktheplank has become a teensy-tiny bit less tolerant of my attempts to foist my baking efforts off on his coworkers.

I must admit-I never really meant to eat them. I went up to visit a friend in Philadelphia this weekend, and spent most of Saturday and Sunday reading the collection of cookbooks at the house where we were staying. I read though recipe after recipe — from homemade spaghetti to chicken livers in aspic—and came away rather inspired. And my “inspiration” took the form of a Labor Day cooking extravaganza, complete with chicken and lentil stew, homemade bread, and, of course, those uneaten peach tartlets.

It’s at times like these that I envy people with large broods of children or extended family members in the area, who can just foist their baked goods off onto the community (Although I suppose that, for some parents feeding their children cookies is no longer acceptable).

Sometimes I think that I need a part-time job at a bakery or something, just so I can get this overwhelming urge to bake out of my system. In the meantime, does anyone know of a DC-area bake sale in need of extra tartlets?



  1. Kaydee said

    Try posting an ad, with photo, on craigslist!
    Or give to a homeless shelter
    Or set out on the coffee table at coffee hour after church
    Or do experiments on them (you’ll have some for control group- try seeing how well they store or how long they stay fresh- then you’ll know for next time! How well they reheat in a toaster oven vs microwave. etc…

    A day spent baking and cooking is also my idea of a great day (Friday I made a ragu sauce with turkey sausage all from my CSA except the meat from the farmer’s market, I made amaretti cookies, pizza dough and pizza sauce from scratch. It was a glorious day at home 🙂 And someday I’ll have kids and a husband to help me eat it all! Then I made fresh pasta on Sunday, I love fresh pasta!)

  2. moderndomestic said

    Oh sweet, that sounds like quite the haul. So, I don’t know about you, but I would be totally freaked out to buy baked things from someone on craigslist. Like, I’ll buy their furniture, but if it was cookies I would immediately think they were laced with arsenic or something like that.

    Maybe I should do baked good performance art, like some of the people mentioned in the feminist cupcake article (

  3. Nonna said

    You should start a business. Have someone create a nice Web site.

  4. Kaydee said

    I’ve also seen baked goods sold on etsy as well, but they are more of a made to order rather than a left over 🙂
    Baked good performance art is not a bad idea- especially if you do it near a school campus where people are more likely to eat them… Or just set up a lemonade stand style bake sale on a busy corner somewhere. and hope the health department doesn’t bust you!

  5. Kayanna said

    I’d offer up my housemates, but they tend to shy away from eating other people’s food, even when I work hard to convince them it’s ok. I think they’re too polite. it’s sort of weird.

    do they freeze well? what about inviting people over this weekend to eat them all? (sadly, I can’t eat them)

  6. moderndomestic said

    Usually I am down with the freezing of the baked goods. There are still several large chunks of my birthday cake in our freezer (although I kind of think they may be thrown away at some point). The tartlets are bad for freezing, though, because the pastry cream soaks into the crust, making the crust really soggy. I doubt they’d survive the freezing process. And I don’t think the fresh peaches would hold up well to freezing either.

    Actually, Dave and I have made some inroads this week. So I think we’ll be okay now. But this larger question of what to do with the baked goods–it’s tough. I’m just so lucky that I have awesome commenters with such good ideas!

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